photo Julia Grossman 
(l to r): Baher, Samir, and Stephen Rezh are keeping their t-shirt business in the family

Family Matters: Students make business fly- by J-1 Correspondents Kristina Smith and Evi Spears

Godwin students and cousins Samir Rezk, Baher Rezk, and Stephen Rezk have introduced Godwin to their up and coming business, Rixelco. The clothing business sells creative designs printed on t-shirts. All the boys, including Deep Run student Mark Farag  hold a meeting once a week to print their t-shirts, sketch new designs, and produce special […]

Yellow shirts

One teacher’s musical passion- by J-1 correspondent Julianna Jett

Exceptional education teacher, Suzanne Hamilton, has attended over 200 concerts over the course of her life. Most of the concerts she has attended are those in the rock or grunge genre. “I think I became drawn to concerts because of my love for music, and I love loud, head banging music,” said Hamilton. Hamilton has […]

Yellow shirts

Secret lives of American teachers- by Rear Editor Carter Straub

“Yellow shirts” keepin’ it secure The sound of the police officer on the radio echoes through the walkie talkies, the ambulance’s siren blares through the streets, and hearts beat rapidly. Two members of Godwin’s staff both have worked as concert security and have had some memorable experiences while doing so. These “yellow shirt,” a title […]


Ultimate backstage pass- by Front Editor Ceara Nolan

Assistant Principal worked with Dave Matthews Band The Dave Matthews Band has been selling out venues around the world since their formation in Charlottesville, VA in 1991. Seventeen years later, fans from far and wide still grovel for coveted tickets and are awe-struck in the presence of the Grammy-winning ensemble; at least, most fans are. […]


Godwin’s own Hidden Figure- by News Editor Yara Ibrahim

The award-winning film “Hidden Figures” features the untold story of Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson, and Mary Jackson, three African-American mathematicians who worked at NASA starting in the 1940s and crossed both gender and race barriers. These women went on to lead the operation of one of the most significant achievements in history, the launch of […]


Houston we have a problem- by Sports Editor Dalia Jimenez

Interests and hobbies come in all shapes and sizes. For government and science teacher Jennifer Andrews, her interest comes in the size of a meteor. Andrews is well-known among the staff and student body for her love of astronomical science and space exploration. She is constantly in search of opportunities to continue learning about the […]


The Roundup with Olivia and Charlotte- by Editor-in-Chief Olivia Carey and Assistant Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Zerbst

TV SHOWS The Get Down Following closely after “Stranger Things”, “The Get Down” may have fallen in the shadow of Netflix’s ode to the 80s. Watch the history of DJing and rap unfold before your eyes in a turbulent 1970s South Bronx through Shaolin Fantastic and the Furious Four, otherwise known as the “Get Down […]


WARNING: Outbreak of disease wipes out senior class- by Photographer Reagan Richmond

WARNING: Outbreak of disease wipes out senior class Senioritis is a very real disease. Affecting the majority of the senior class, it’s a topic worth researching. The disease is more than crippling, turning even the brightest center kids into complete zombies. So, one might ask, “What is Senioritis?” Senioritis is a disease that strikes seniors […]


College too expensive?- By flair and features Editor Brittany Bell

Here are some scholarships you can apply for to help you out: Godwin specific scholarships:   John B. McGinty Scholarship Requirements: This scholarship is awarded to a Godwin senior who intends to become a teacher. A letter to the scholarship committee is required. Deadline: 4/6/17 Amount it’s worth: $1,000   Mills E. Godwin Scholarship Requirements: […]