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DEA agent speaks to students in honor of Red Ribbon Week

On Oct. 25, former Godwin student and current Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Michael Tooley returned to Godwin to speak to geometry teacher Rob White’s classes.

Godwin students and teachers participate in “Mix it Up” day

On October 29, schools across  Henrico County were required to host a “mix it up day” in which students sit with a new set...

O’Sullivan named Most Valuable Eagle

Senior Andrew O'Sullivan was named Mills E. Godwin's Most Valuable Eagle. The Most Valuable Eagle award is given annually to a senior who students and teachers believe best represents the ideal Godwin student -one who is not only determined inside the classroom, but also is involved with many extracurricular activities and active within the student body.

Changes come to Godwin in 2013

New paint, new computers, and new policies welcome students as they return to school.