By: Walker Cosby

In an unexpected turn of events, the Democratic party has held the senate, which will turn the tide for the future of the country. Furthermore, 71 percent of young women, 53 percent of young men, 93 percent of the LGBTQ+ youth, 87 percent of the black youth, 67 percent of the Latino youth, and 57 percent of the white youth, all voted blue.
On Nov. 8, the midterm elections occurred, deciding the fate of representation in congress and the house of representatives. The most recent midterm saw tolerance of Democratic representatives in predictions to be low. According to a study by CNN, 38 percent of voters said that the Democratic party was too extreme. Furthermore, about 55 percent of voters were against Biden, with 31 percent of voters having inflation being their biggest concern in the U.S. For the first time in 20 years, the Democrats hold control of the senate, and hold a close gap in the house of representatives. But how did they do it?
The midterm elections oppose the current president’s party. President Bush in 2006 took a “thumping” in the midterms, President Obama got a “Schelacking ‘’ in 2010, and President Trump was buried under a blue wave in 2018. The only other time the current president’s party held control of the senate was in 2002, under the Bush administration. The reason Republicans held control in 2002 was heavily overshadowed, by the “war on terror”, following the attacks on 9/11. Biden had his own “war on terror” that helped Democrats hold the senate: Young voters.
According to NPR, this past midterm saw the highest young voter turnout rate in over 30 years, with 27 percent of all votes casted being from voters aged 18-29, with 63 percent of these votes being Blue. According to Impact, three formerly Republican states elected Democratic governors, 5 state houses flipped to Democratic seat holders, and 19 candidates backed by Donald Trump lost their races. The recent midterms were beneficial because the legislation tips in favor of the Democrats for the rest of Biden’s term. Also important is that laws and acts placed during Trump’s term can be changed.
This year’s midterm is the earliest example of Gen-Z voters exercising their civil rights, and the results speak for themselves. The young voters of America understand that their voice matters, and that their actions directly contribute positive change in the United States.
Since the most recent midterms, the Republicans do control the house of representatives, however they only control the house by 8 seats, which is a decent gap in the house, but it isn’t a detrimental difference to the house, and it won’t guarantee that every decision will swing right. So with the senate being in favor of the current standing president, and the house of representatives being a close split, Biden will have a much easier time with legislation for the remainder of his term. Laws and policies that he has on his current agenda will be much easier to pass, and more action can be taken in things like the fight for civil rights, climate change, abortion rights, and the U.S economy. The current legislation also proves that the young voters of America do not stand behind far right policies, which spells doom for Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign.
On Nov. 15, Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president again in the 2024 election. His announcement for running is nothing short of an embarrassment to himself, following the riots that occurred on Jan. 6, resulting in his second of two impeachments, his claims of the election being “stolen” from him, and his charges of holding over 300 classified documents at his estate in Florida. If the Republicans put Donald Trump up as their candidate for the next election, they will see defeat. According to a study by NBC, 62 percent of current GOP party members say that they do not support Donald Trump in any way, including GOP minority leader Mitch McConnell. In an interview with Ken Griffin, he said that “It’s time to move on to the next generation.” Polls also suggest that the GOP favor Florida governor Ron Desantis as a 2024 candidate.
The 2022 midterm elections saw history made, with Democrats keeping a strong hold on our nations senate. This means great news for the future of legislation and laws passed for all minorities, action taken on gun control, environmental control, and foreign affairs.

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