By: Isaac Yeaker

Over the summer there have been changes to the Godwin staff that were not confirmed at the end of the school year, but since the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, there have been several changes and departures.

Jake Oliver, who was a teacher in the Exceptional Education department at Godwin, has now moved to the P.E department as a general instructor.

Jake Oliver coaching the Godwin boys’ basketball team

Another notable staff change is the movement of math teacher Miranda Watson, who relinquished her duties as the Math Department Chair to become an administrative assistant.

Since her departure, the position has gone to math teacher Julia Malak.
Gary Steele, a former Driver’s Ed instructor at Godwin, has moved from Godwin over to a position at Hanover County Public schools.
Julie Richardson, a long time social studies teacher, departed from Godwin to take a position at Virginia State University.

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