An unknown individual has leaked a draft opinion that would strike down Roe v. Wade. Many prominent Republicans support the decision, while also proclaiming the Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) security and official proceedings should be protected.

None other than Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virgina supports the Court’s leaked opinion. Youngkin has expressed his frustration on leaking the information out of SCOTUS, according to Nick Minock. It is likely, given his pro-life stance that he is not and would not be disappointed, should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade.

In a recent statement, according to Nick Minck, Youngkin said, “I am pro-life, and I have been very clear about that since the day I launched my campaign.” Furthermore, Representative Abigial Spanberger is clearly pro-choice, as she has voted for pro-choice measures.

In a recent Twitter post, Spanberger stated, “In the House, I co-sponsored and voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act because a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion – while settled law for decades – must now be protected and legislated.”

Given the November elections, it is likely that the area surrounding Godwin High School will be represented by a Republican in the house. Most Republican politicians are pro-life. Voters must go to the pools if the right to choose is to be preserved, and these interests are to be reflected in the U.S Congress.

There is one option that could save Roe v. Wade. if the Senate chose to codify Roe into law, the existing abortion protections for women could be preserved. This would require the temporary elimination of the filibuster (a 60-vote threshold for passage), which at least one Republican would need to agree to.

While I do not believe that the passage of the codification is likely, it is certainly within the reals of possibility. There are two pro-choice Senate Republicans: Senator Susan Collins of Miane and Senator Lisa Murkowski. Both support Roe.

Unfortunately, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is the Senate’s only pro-life Democrat. Both Murkowski and Collins have spoken out against suspending the filibuster in general. However, the two senators’ minds may change now that the United States is faced with a much harsher reality.

There are 51 votes in favor of Roe. However, there are probably not 51 votes in favor of eliminating the filibuster to do it. The vote will likely be held despite its prospects, but Senate Republicans will almost certainly filibuster, which would require the legislation to get 60 yes votes, a pipe dream.

Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Samuel Alito said during their confirmation hearings and private meetings with senators that they thought Roe v. Wade. was “settled law”. This means that they did not think it was necessary or right for the court to reconsider any prior decisions made by the Supreme Court or any lower courts. This is called stare decisis and translates to, “let the decision stand”.

It seems that these partisan actors have blatantly ignored or conveniently overlooked court and judicial precedent. Furthermore, it is very possible that had Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Alito been honest in their hearings and meetings, they would not have been confirmed to the Supreme Court at all. According to, the majority of the US population is pro-choice, including the Virginia population being 63 percent pro-choice. We need to encourage people to vote and support their local abortion clinics.

Religious beliefs do not play a role in the rights of the people considering there is the separation of church and state. This should not be an argument or issue of persuasion. The United States does not state one specific religion or any religion that should or should not be practiced. Therefore, religious justifications of the Court’s decision are un-constitutional.

For a substantial amount of reasons, the court’s leaked opinion, (that will not be technically decided until late June) should not be viewed as a credible decision made in the interest of the country. For too long now, the court has increased in partisanship which breaks away at the checks and balances of the country. The fact is: this ruling comes from a hyper-partisan court with no respect fpr precedent, what the citizens of America want, or how these nominees suggested they would rule in official proceedings. This is a sad time for the Supreme Court and the United States.

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