Isaac Palmer and Adam Johnson

  1. Who is the newest teacher at GHS? 
  1. World language teacher Joe Ungerleider 
  2. Government teacher Olivia Price
  3. Science teacher Ron Strine
  4. math teacher Julia Malak
  1. What teacher has been teaching since GHS opened?    
  1.  Penny Stevens
  2.  Steve Wozny
  3.  Anna C. Bryant
  4.  Vicki Foster
Penny Stevens
Anna Bryant
Steve Wozny
  1. What talent does English teacher Catherine Cooper have?  
  1. Makes jewelry  
  2. singing and performing vocal dialects 
  3. Cross stitching 
  4. Dancing and breakdancing  
Catherine Cooper
  1.  Who was accepted longwood university at 16? 
  2.  math teacher Ryan C. Mosse
  1.  social studies’ teacher Kelly Lipford 
  2.  Exceptional education teacher Sue Lawrence
  3.  English teacher Christy Maddox
  1. What teacher has worked at Applebee’s? 
  1.  Math teacher Gigi Roulidis
  2.  Fine arts teacher Samuel Vaughn
  3.  Technological teacher Jan Shelton
  4.  Science teacher Vicki Foster
  1. Which of these teachers ran track and cross country for Godwin and had social studies’ teacher Jon Lauder as a coach? 
  1.  English teacher Kathryn Spicer
  2.  Social teacher Bobby Knaupp
  3.  Technological teacher Ashley Mott
  4.  Exceptional education teacher Jacob Oliver
Ashley Mott
Bobby Knaupp
Katheryn Spicer
  1. What teacher starred in the play ‘Bye-Bye Birdie’? 
  1. Dan Wallace
  2. Gary Steele
  3. Ryan Mosse
  4. Rachael Feuer
Gary Steele
Dan Wallace
  1. What teacher can play the tenor sax?  
  1.  Kim Spensieri
  2.  Miriam Ashworth
  3.  Dana Lauder
  4.  Don Belt 
Dana Lauder
Miriam Ashworth
  1. What teacher has written five books and plans to publish them? 
  1.  Dana Lauder
  2. Christy Maddox
  3.  Rachael Feuer
  4.  Janice B. Shelton
Janice Shelton
Christy Maddox
  1. What teacher owns a yellow side cheek conure bird?  
  1. Lusia Mahoney 
  2. Josh Young
  3. Susan Mitchell 
  4. Samuel J. Vaughn
Josh Young
  1. Which of these teachers was homeless living in a car for a semester in college?  
  1. Jerold Solomon 
  2. Michael Silver 
  3. Sherry Hannay  
  4. Samuel J. Vaughn
Sherry Hannay
  1. Which of these teachers was almost struck by lighting in their car? 
  1. Heather Martin 
  2. John Reaves 
  3. Christy Maddox
  4. Jonathan Saufley
Heather Martin

Answer key

 1 )Olivia Price

 2) Anna C. Bryant

 3) singing and performing vocal dialects

 4)Sue Lawrence

 5)Gigi Roulidis

 6)Katie Spicer

 7)Ryan C. Mosse

 8)Miriam E. Ashworth 

 9) Janice B. Shelton

10)Samuel J. Vaughn

11)Samuel J. Vaughn

12)Christy Maddox

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