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Many students decide to be involved in a multitude of activities within the school at Godwin. This requires students to find a way to balance school work along with their special extracurriculars  

Many students at Godwin might decide to play a varsity sport when they begin high school. 

Each varsity sport at Godwin requires a large amount of time and effort. Each member of a team has a role to play, regardless of how much of a star they are. 

The students who play one or more sports may be better at one sport than another. They choose which sport is their “main” and tend to put more effort into that one. 

Senior Caty Benton has played several sports at Godwin since freshman year. She played JV volleyball freshman and sophomore year. She played lacrosse from freshman through senior year. Then, as a senior, she joined the field hockey team.

Caty Benton

For Benton, the choice between which sport to prioritize was an easy one. She has been playing lacrosse since sixth grade and is committed to play lacrosse at Randolph-Macon College in the fall. 

“Field hockey was just something my friend convinced me to do and I played so I had a fall sport and could keep in shape. Godwin lacrosse, however, has played a huge role because it helped me realize I had potential to grow as a person and leader by being able to stay positive and keep going during tough practices and games,” said Benton.

Through learning how to balance sports, schoolwork, and other activities, Benton has gained many benefits.

“[playing Godwin sports] has benefited me immensely because it enabled me to meet some of my best friends, form close relationships with my coaches, and it was a great way for me to get involved as a freshman,” said Benton.

Senior Luke Calveric has played on both the football and baseball teams, and he is committed to play baseball at Radford University in the fall. He has been playing baseball since he was five, and football since he was seven. He has played both sports at Godwin for all four years. 

Luke Calveric

Some of Calveric’s fondest memories are from Godwin sports. 

“Being able to play with all of your friends and create lasting memories winning games and championships for your school is an unmatched feeling,” said Calveric. 

Godwin sports creates a family aspect through the bonds teammates form and being able to play with family members. 

“Godwin also allowed me the opportunity to play on the same team as my brother, the football team, for the first time since we were in youth sports. Playing with a family member is a priceless experience and I will be forever grateful to Godwin for that,” said Calveric.

Benton reflects on why she recommends playing Godwin sports. 

“I recommend playing Godwin sports because not only is it extremely fun, but you learn a lot and make new friends,” said Benton.

Godwin athletics affects all sorts of people each year whether they are a team captain, a fan, or a family member. Whether their experience was viewed as beneficial or a waste of time, there is always something to get out of it. 

“Playing football for four years and running out under those lights to the sounds of the whole school cheering you on is something that I wish everyone could experience,” said Calveric.


  1. Congrats to Isaac Yeaker for timely well written sports coverage along with his growing basketball success…all of which is in his DNA. Grandpa Ed Yeaker

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