Gracie Lienemann

  • Musical Kids – High School Musical, Pitch Perfect
  • -Always has a song going in their head
  • -Good with rhythm
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  • Video Game Kids – Ready Player One, Pixels
  • Qualities: 
    • Can often be found strategizing about video games with fellow gamers
    • Always thinking about their next move, “how can I beat that level?”
  • Popular Kids – mean girls, “the plastics”, icons, clueless
  • Qualities: 
    • Extroverted
    • Good cooperation skills
    • Know how to lead a big group
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  • Quiet Kids – Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Qualities: 
    • Often introverted
    • Tend to stay out of the spotlight
    • Very observant. 
    • Rich inner world
    • May not have too many friends, but are perfectly content with themselves.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 2012 | Poster. 壁花男孩.… | Flickr
  • Artsy Kids – The breakfast club
  • Qualities: 
    • Shy until you get to know them, then they’re super energetic
    • Extremely nice
    • Can be found doodling in a notebook during notes
    • Known to look out for others
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  • Goth/”Emo” – Sweenie Todd, Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Qualities: 
    • Coolest accessories
    • Dark clothing painted nails
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  • Jock – Friday Night Lights
  • Qualities: 
    • Can often be seen wearing athletic clothes
    • Sporty
    • Tough
    • Often seen as social leader
    • Good communication skills
    • Teamwork
  • Academic Nerd – Big Bang Theory
  • Qualities: 
    • The typical “smarty pants”
    • Usually finishing homework during lunch
    • Intellectual
List of awards and nominations received by The Big Bang Theory - Wikipedia

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