We all go through spells of self-doubt and lack of motivation. Those tough times call for self-help. Being burnt out can take a toll on life and relationships.

Self-care can look different for everyone; it depends on your personal ways of recharging.

Common ways to recharge that help in everyday life:

Journaling- get all of your feelings out onto a page. Every single frustration whether it may be with school, friends, or something completely unrelated.

Yoga/ Exercising – Finding your inner peace and balance can help to restore and rejuvenate your mind and body. Exercising can improve sleep and happiness in one’s life. 

Pjs- being comfortable is sometimes overlooked when in a constant state of duress, but changing into something cozy can have a comforting effect.

Cleaning/getting organized- During times of stress, it can be easy to leave a messy room and not finish homework. However, these simple tasks can relieve you of pressure by completing them and getting organized. A cleanroom will improve your mental health and allow you to feel relieved and relaxed. 

Social media detox- Social media can be very damaging to mental health. Issues such as body image and FOMO can be draining. Taking a social media detox will allow you to be more productive and focus on yourself. 

Reading- Reading is a positive distraction that allows one to expand knowledge and be entertained. Reading is extremely beneficial since it improves sleep and reduces stress. 

Things that can help in school:

Q: How do I stop procrastinating so much?

A:  “Get organized. Make sure you have a system of keeping track of what you need to do, and when,” says Mrs. Gravely. She also tells us to remove distractions – that may mean shutting off your phone or even putting it in another room. Setting small goals is also beneficial. “You may need to read a whole book over a period of time, but your small goal could be to read ten pages,” Mrs. Gravely states. “Take breaks. Plan to work for 20 minutes, then take a five-minute break to stretch and check your phone. When you complete tasks, reward yourself.” She also suggests holding yourself accountable – there are always reasons to put tasks off, but remember that you are responsible for the assignments you complete or don’t complete.

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