Noah Kraegel swimming

Godwin has a variety of sports to choose from. They all require you to try out in different ways and showcase different talents. Not everyone can make it onto the team initially, but with hard work and lots of dedication, one can achieve success and meet their desired goals. 

Freshman Noah Kraegel tried out for the swim team at the beginning of the season. He didn’t make the varsity team but was awarded a manager position with the ability to work towards a spot on the team.

 “A manager position involves helping out the coaches, holding the kickboard, and cheering for the team on the sidelines of the pool,” said Kraegel.

Kraegel had to prove to the coaches that he was fit to swim for the varsity team while he was in his manager position. 

“It took a lot of dedication and hard work to move up. I had to prove to the coaches that I could swim during the meets as a varsity athlete, so each week I attended at least three practices and did my best during each one,” said Kraegel.

Eventually, Kraegel was able to get his place on the varsity team after lots of hard work. He was able to attend different events, including the Hawk Invitational.

The Hawk Invitational is a swimming event at Swim RVA where schools across the county come and compete against each other. Noah was still a manager during the meet but was able to take part in events from there on out after his promotion.

“The Hawk Invitational was a huge meet. A bunch of different schools from all over Henrico County came to compete against each other before winter break. It was a lot of fun, the coaches, swimmers, and managers wore holiday outfits to the meet,” said Kraegel.

Once Kraegel was a part of the varsity team, he began to attend meets and practices. 

“We usually do 200 free, 100 choice kick, six 25’s sprint choice, and some drills. But it can change sometimes depending on what the coaches think the team should work on for the next upcoming meet,” said Kraegel. 

 The pressure of being a varsity swimmer was very challenging for Kraegel. He didn’t want to let down his coaches or his teammates. This led him to put his all into each practice. He had to step it up to another level when he was competing in the swim meets on top of that.

“The hardest part of becoming a varsity athlete was all the pressure. I now have to make sure not to let my coaches and swim peers down. I have to do my absolute best every single practice, especially every meet. But it’s the greatest experience being a varsity swimmer,” said Kraegel.

In Kraegel’s eyes, it was all worth the effort and dedication. He enjoys the intensity of the varsity team and loves the environment that is built upon the determination of everyone. For him, it has been a great opportunity to expand his horizons.

“It’s great, being on the Godwin Swim team isn’t like being on a normal team, it’s kinda like a big swim family. Everyone is always swimming their hardest every meet. And I am very glad I had the opportunity to be on the swim team,” said Kraegel.

There are many opportunities like Kraegel’s here at Godwin. It just takes the absolute best that you’ve got to offer. Through determination and hard work, anyone can achieve anything. Kraegel leaves off on some advice for anyone looking to do the same as he did. 

“The best thing to do is to just work your hardest for the thing you want to achieve the most. It is also really important to not give up when you lose some, and to do your best every time, and practice,” said Kraegel.

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