Alexander Shupp

After four years of diligence and hard work, Alexander Shupp has been chosen as the 2021-2022 Most Valuable Eagle. 

Since 1988, the senior class has come together to choose one classmate they believe has given their all to Godwin. Being voted the Most Valuable Eagle is one of the highest honors a student can be awarded at Godwin.

Every September, seniors vote on their classmates for this award. The top five students’ names move on to the next round of voting. Godwin teachers and administrators vote for the second round. The person who receives the most votes wins the Most Valuable Eagle award.

This year’s nominees included Anthony Maratos, Camryn Hubbard, Namitchandra Nallapaneni, and Shraddha Anup.

Godwin principal Leigh Dunvant, defines the Most Valuable Eagle as someone who not only appreciates academics, but also the community around them.

“The [MVE] is: a person that values education, sets goals and works to accomplish them, makes contributions to a variety of school activities, exhibits character, integrity, and loyalty,” said Dunavant.

This year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, convocation was a little bit different from previous years. No visitors were allowed and instead of in the gym, it was held in the auditorium. 

Shupp is actively involved in the Godwin community, especially when it comes to music. He is currently the co-drum major with senior Jeremie Clarke for the marching band.

 “Alex is absolutely rocking at being one of the Drum Majors this year, and I’m so proud of how far he has grown! I’m very thankful to have him as one of the heads of our student leadership team,” said Derek Ramsey, Godwin’s band director.

Leadership plays another important role for the Most Valuable Eagle.

 “Alex is enthusiastic, kind, and hardworking,” said Becky Martino, Godwin social studies and leadership teacher.

Shupp has been a hardworking and involved student since he stepped into the building his freshman year.

“He really is just an overachiever,” said Alex’s mother Mary Shupp. 

Music is a strength for Shupp, but he also loves science. After high school, Shupp plans to major in physics or something science-related at Virginia Tech or The University of Virginia. He also wants to continue playing in the marching band during college.

Shupp’s positive attitude is a key component to his success in and out of the classroom.

“He is very positive, nothing gets him down,” said his mother. 

Martino believes Shupp is the rightful winner of the MVE award this year.

Martino said, “As a member of  SCA and the Leadership class, I have seen him reach out to his classmates and work hard to make his classmates’ high school experience as rich as his own. He is an excellent choice for MVE.”

Shraddah Anup
Namitchandra Nallapaneni
Camryn Hubbard
Anthony Maratos

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