Homecoming is something that many high school students and staff members look forward to. The events of homecoming create memories that will last a lifetime.

Homecoming has five main events that span across a week: The Powder Puff game, the homecoming parade, the halftime court recognition, the homecoming pep rally, and spirit week.

Godwin’s Principles of Leadership teacher Rebecca Martino helps plan out homecoming each year.

“Even though it’s a lot of work, it is awesome to see the students come together to have fun and show their spirit,” said Martino.

Martino has been planning homecoming with Godwin history teacher Jessica Harvey since 2016 and has helped plan it at the previous high school she worked at in 2005.

“I enjoy getting to work with students outside a typical classroom setting,” said Martino.

This year, the theme for homecoming was “We’ve Got the Beat!”

“The homecoming theme ‘We Got The Beat’ is named after a popular song from the ‘80s, and that’s what the whole homecoming week will be based on. The pep rally, games, parade, and spirit week will all be themed around different music genres and songs,” said Godwin senior and Leadership council member, Erin Drummond.

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown some challenges into planning a fun, yet safe homecoming. Last year’s challenge was conquered by planning a drive-through homecoming parade around Godwin. This year, with some liberties regained, homecoming could occur with a more “normal” aspect to it. 

“We will have to follow certain [Covid] guidelines, such as holding the pep rally outdoors in the stadium and asking students who are on floats together in the parade or on the sidelines together at the Powder Puff game to wear masks,” said Martino.

Due to Covid-19, some events were held differently, like the pep rally. A problem that arose was spacing, since the indoor gym can only safely hold a certain number of students and faculty without having to worry about social distancing. 

This year, the homecoming pep rally was held outside in the Godwin Stadium, where larger crowds could be accommodated. 

The Pep Rally was held Friday, Oct 8 from 3:05-3:55, and events at the pep rally included the senior guys’ dance, introduction of the homecoming court, band performances, games, and cheering.

Also due to Covid, the Homecoming Dance was changed as well. 

“Based on the feedback that you have given us and with the support of numerous parents who have offered to assist us in making this happen safely for our students, we have decided to change our plans and will be having a homecoming dance on October 9, 2021 on the front walk at Godwin in front of the school from 7-9 p.m.” said Godwin Principal Leigh Dunavant.

The dance had been originally canceled due to safety concerns. Yet after consideration, Dunavant has allowed an outdoor dance. Tickets were sold at lunch during homecoming week for $10.

Powder Puff is traditionally a flag football game where girls and boys switch their roles, and the girls play against each other while the boys cheer. The Powder Puff game and the homecoming football game were held at the stadium like always. Masks were worn and social distancing requirements were required.

The halftime court recognition happened after the marching band’s performance. 

Halftime court recognition is a time when some students get to be recognized as a part of their grade level court. 

“Each grade-level class votes on students to represent them on the homecoming court. These students are recognized at halftime of the football game. A parent or friend escorts the student onto the field while the announcer reads a short blurb about the student over the loudspeaker,” said Martino.

Powder Puff occurred Tuesday, Oct 5th against each grade level, and the Homecoming game was held Friday, Oct 8 at the Godwin stadium against John Marshall. The parade was held on Friday as well, from 5:00-5:35pm.

 “The [homecoming] parade will go from Raintree Swim and Racquet Club to Godwin’s senior parking lot. Clubs, sports, activities, homecoming court, and grade-level classes can be a part of the parade,” said Dunavant.

Over the week of October 4, students and faculty had the opportunity to dress up for spirit days.

“Spirit Days [are] October 4-8: Students will be able to vote on the dress-up ideas for each day,” said Dunavant.  

The Spirit Days for the week were: Monday-DJ PJ Day, Tuesday-Duet Day, Wednesday-Lets Get Physical, Thursday-Surfin’ USA, and Friday-Grade Level Colors.

Godwin Juniors and Seniors posing for a picture on PJ day. Photo Credit: Zoe Slapshak

The goal of homecoming week was to increase school spirit and have fun. 

“[Leadership] hopes to provide a fun, memorable experience for all Godwin students and bring back some of the traditions we missed out on last year,” said Martino.

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