To the culture of Godwin, both the Pep Band and Marching Band are important. The groups are often staples at sporting events and pep rallies and they help liven up the atmosphere.

Seniors Walker Williams and Ryan Snook are co-leaders of the student section and appreciate the way the Pep Band impacts the games. 

“I think the pep band impacts games because they can get everyone hyped up and really get the crowd into it. The Pep Band brings the energy,” said Williams. 

Snook agrees with Williams saying, “The Pep Band gets people in the spirit to watch the game and cheer for their school.”

With this being the first year back for students at games without masks, the seniors want to make it memorable and come up with new ideas for students to use down the road. 

“We tend to reuse a lot of chants for the student section so the pep band really helps us,” said Williams.

Senior Emily Dunford has been playing music for five years. She plays trumpet in the pep band. 

“Pep Band has a few interactive songs with the student section. I think that including more songs that the students can participate [would be a good idea],” said Dunford. 

At Godwin, the Pep Band is the most exclusive band. They only accept 21 members, who have been hand-picked and invited to join. 

Dunford’s favorite memory is when Pep Band members from previous years come back to play with them during senior night. 

“It makes the band twice as big and everyone sounds really good together,” said Dunford. 

Although the pep band tends to play at numerous different sporting events, Williams believes they boost morale at football games the most.

 “There are a lot of pauses at football games and they fill those pauses with energy,” said Williams.

Williams thinks the events would be much different without the Pep Band. 

“There are some moments when the game is ‘dead’ and then they start playing and everyone gets into it,” said Williams. 

The Pep Band’s energy also carries onto the hardwood during the Eagle’s basketball season.

“This year is the first year I’ve been able to experience the huge student section and Pep Band at the same time. I think it will make for a great atmosphere, ” said senior Owen Mega, varsity basketball player. 

“A lot of our energy and passion during games comes from the fans’ involvement and excitement, so to see how that is gonna play into our success and momentum is exciting.”

The Pep Band matches the same energy on the football field and the basketball court. With the gym being much smaller than a stadium and much louder, the Pep Band and student section come together to create an ecstatic atmosphere. 

Godwin Pep band during a Football game. Photo Credit: Amelia Betz

While the Pep Band and Marching Band are different, they are both impressive. Senior Colin Berrier is a section leader in the Marching Band for the mellophone group and has been playing since eighth grade. 

“We play at home games during halftime and away games before the game starts,” said Berrier.

A typical practice for Berrier includes learning the music and the choreography.

 “Practices are two hours after school, and we usually practice our sets and music on the practice field,” said Berrier.

 Berrier said his favorite thing about Marching Band is just hanging out with his friends. 

“I’ve met some of my closest friends through the band, so that’s what means the most to me,” said Berrier.

 Berrier urges others to join the Marching Band if they are considering it. 

“I would encourage people to join the Marching Band! I was able to find something I loved and that made high school truly enjoyable,” said Berrier.

In addition to their success during competition season, the Marching Band also recently won first place in five categories at Hermitage high school. The categories were auxiliary, general effect, music, percussion, and visual aspect. The Eagles also came in second place overall out of the eight teams that attended the event. 

Both bands play every Friday night at home football games, while the Pep Band only plays at home. They look to bring the excitement to the last couple of games as the season wraps up, but they also can’t wait for basketball season. Make sure to look out for them at the next home game!

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