The Godwin girls volleyball team is known for its ability to win games. Last month, the team finished undefeated in their regular season and advanced to Regional Finals where they lost in a tight match against the Atlee Raiders. 

Even after losing nine seniors the previous year, the team still managed to come out on top. 

“I think that honestly, no one expected to do nearly as well as we did. However, we ended up going as far as the team last year made it,” said Godwin senior Elizabeth Eroshenko. 

Over the past three years, Godwin’s girl’s volleyball team has managed to go 50-0.  According to the players, Godwin’s team is successful because of their energy and work ethic. 

 “In comparison to other teams, we run more and just have more energy and motivation to do well in every drill in practices. This is primarily a product of the amazing coaching we have at Godwin and how hard they push us to play our best every day,” said Godwin junior Ryan Taylor. 

Tradition and culture are the backbones of any team looking to succeed. 

Godwin junior Kaitlyn McNeel said, “Our team has a very strong culture of working hard and holding each other accountable. A huge reason why we have been successful over the years is because of the traditions that players before us have created.”

Additionally, Godwin’s team sets itself up for success with consistent and comprehensive practices.

“Our practices this year were three hours long, six days a week. We generally started with dynamics, then went into a warm-up. Then we did ball control work and focused on fundamental drills. For the remaining practice (generally the last hour/ half hour) we scrimmaged ourselves,” said Taylor.

Along with the team dynamics are the memories and moments that come with it during the season. 

“I think this year, my favorite memories have just been laughing and goofing around at practice with some of my best friends. I didn’t expect to have even had a senior season this year, so I am beyond grateful I got to play my last year with an amazing team,” said Eroshenko.

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