Wellness Wednesdays were created to give students a break from the computer screen and allow the school to be disinfected mid-week. It allows students to spend time outside, do work at their own pace, and sleep in. Some students use these Wednesdays to catch up on late work or finish all of their homework for the rest of the week, while other students use the day to relax and destress. 

On Wellness Wednesdays many students take the opportunity to catch up on sleep by sleeping in. 

“On Wednesdays I like to wake up late and catch up on my sleep. I usually wake up around noon,” said junior Colin Berrier. 

While some sleep in until noon, others wake up much earlier.

“I normally sleep in on Wednesdays until about 9:30,” said junior Caroline Killius. 

After she wakes up, she then eats breakfast and starts her homework that is assigned for that day. 

Sophomore Laasya Konidala has a similar schedule in the mornings. She wakes up at 9:30 and starts her work right away. However, on Tuesday nights Konidala tries her best to complete a majority of her assignments. 

“Typically, I try to finish a substantial amount of my Wellness Wednesday and assigned schoolwork on Tuesday night,” said Konidala. 

Other students, like Berrier, prefer to spend Tuesday night with friends and complete assigned work on Wednesday. 

For Wellness Wednesday, teachers assign 25 minutes of work per class. Work for some classes takes longer than others depending on the course load.  

“I have a lot more than the allocated ‘25 minutes per class.’ I often feel that it nears to about 30 to 50 minutes of work per class, especially in my AP and CMS classes,” said Konidala.

 Killius usually spends around two to three hours on school work during Wednesdays. When she finishes her homework she goes outside or spends time with her friends. 

“My favorite part of Wellness Wednesdays is that I have time to hangout with friends which I don’t normally do on school days,” said Killius. 

When Konidala finishes her school work she likes to work on personal projects or relax. One of the struggles many students face when it comes to Wellness Wednesdays is finding the motivation to do school work and allocate the appropriate amount of time to finish all assignments. 

“It is hard to find motivation to do each assignment which hinders my productivity. Throughout the year, I have adjusted my own motivation to adapt to the asynchronous work, but I know a lot of peers that struggle with this,” said Konidala. 

Even though there are some negatives of Wellness Wednesday, many students would agree that the positives outweigh the negatives.

“[Wellness Wednesday] is a great mental health day. I feel a lot less stressed when I have a mini weekend in the middle of the week,” said Berrier. 

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