The Godwin Chorus program puts on a yearly concert to show the community their learnings and talent. Due to COVID-19, the chorus could not perform a concert, but they still wanted to offer an entertaining alternative to students.

Instead of the traditional concert, Godwin Chorus proposed a contest where students could send in videos of themselves lip syncing a song, and the Godwin community would vote for a winner.

Godwin Choral Director Jacob Devol was in charge of the contest and was very pleased with how the contest turned out. 

“[Senior] Abby Sublett’s first, and after seeing her rendition of “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele, I knew that the contest would work out nicely,” said Devol.

Sublett, who is the student director of Godwin chorus helped organize the contest and even participated in the contest. Sublett and Devol worked together to create the contest. 

“Devol was very excited to be putting something together that would bring Godwin students together virtually and give them a chance to goof off in silly videos,” said Sublett.

The staff and students were able to watch all the videos and vote on their favorite for a winner. The winner of the contest was senior Caroline Hubbard.

Hubbard worked with a friend to put together her lip sync video. She was excited to participate and show off her school spirit.

“I really wanted to do something to feel involved. This year, there hasn’t been much to do, and so I decided to take this opportunity as a way to show my Godwin spirit,” said Hubbard.

The contest allowed students to express themselves and use their creativity in a different way. Godwin Chorus wanted the contest to represent what chorus is, to encourage students to join their program next year.

“This was a way for the whole school to do sort of the same thing – people contributed their skills and talents to create a fun video for the Godwin community. It’s my hope that more people are considering making a chorus class a part of their day next year,” said Devol.

Because Devol was pleased with the outcome, he hopes that the contest will continue into next year and maybe become an in-person event, like lip-sync battles. 

Hubbard and Sublett both urge students to participate in the event if it continues in the future because they had so much fun being able to pursue their performance interests.

“It’s always been really fun for me to perform with my friends, and I’ve been missing that a lot this year, but this contest allowed me to perform for everyone in a unique way,” said Sublett.

Chorus has been facing many challenges this year, as it is hard to sing through a screen at individual’s homes. However, Devol was happy that they were able to do something to boost student’s spirits.

“This contest provided an opportunity for students to collaborate on something safely, as well as just added some fun and excitement to the dreariness of winter,” said Devol.

Chorus hopes to see this event continue in the future and hopes it helps their community grow at Godwin.

“This contest represents Godwin Chorus for the fun and inclusive program that it is. They’re a family of thoughtful, talented, and hard-working individuals and I would highly recommend joining Godwin Chorus,” said Hubbard.

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