Henrico County Public Schools has recently informed teachers and staff that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available to them as part of phase 1B of distribution. With the return to in-person learning delayed, the goal is to get all teachers and staff vaccinated before then to ensure their safety. 

Specific dates and details for the official return to school have yet to be determined; however, some teachers were able to receive the vaccine as early as Jan. 20. As of right now, the county is doing everything they can to make the school environment and in-person learning experience as safe as possible for both staff and students. 


On Jan. 6, a rally in support of Donald Trump quickly turned into something more when Trump supporters started storming the Capitol. Law enforcement attempted to beat the rally to the Capitol but failed to do so. 

Trump supporters stormed into the Capitol rioting about Trump’s loss of the election and were saying that Trump was the true winner of the election, and waving confederate flags. What started as a rally ended with a total of five deaths, stolen government property, and destruction of buildings and personal property amongst other things. The building wasn’t deemed clear until 12 hours after the rally started.


Students are scheduled to return to in person learning late February; however, this can be canceled or postponed at any moment due to COVID-19. Governor Northam announced on Wednesday, Jan. 6 that there was a possibility of year round schooling to make up for lost time because of the pandemic. 

Northam has said that he has been discussing this idea with state education leaders and that this is a serious possibility for the 2021-2022 school year. Additionally there are considerations about offering extended summer programs as a way to help students catch up. 

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