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  1. Taylor Swift: Folklore 

Folklore is pop singer Taylor Swift’s eighth album. Her top selling album varies from her other typically pop albums and has more of an indie alternative vibe. This album is filled with slow, calming songs about the highs and lows of romance. 

Best Song: “The Last Great American Dynasty”

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  1. Chloe x Halle: Ungodly Hour 

Ungodly Hour is the dynamic duo Chloe x Halle’s second album. Their album consists of fun, lighthearted R&B songs about two young adults just trying to live their best life.  Their songs are personal as you can get but still manage to be extremely relatable.

Best Song: “Lonely”

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  1. Poppy: I Disagree 

Youtuber Poppy’s new album I Disagree is a rock pop album worth checking out. I Disagree is her third album and is just as overwhelmingly unique as her YouTube videos. Her songs are intense and dramatic, and they give off chaotic vibes that are unmatched.

Best Song: “Sick of the Sun”

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  1. BTS: Map of Soul 7

Seven boys for seven years have come together and made their seventh album. Written, produced, and performed all during quarantine, Map of Soul 7 is one of BTS’s most personal albums with songs describing their growing friendship, how much they’ve grown over the years, and their love for their fans. The songs are so catchy and exciting that they transcend language barriers.

Best Song: “Moon”

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  1. Jhene Aiko: Chilombo 

Chilombo is R&B singer Jhene Aiko’s sixth album. This album tells the story of a girl dealing with a breakup in her own way. Each song deals with the variability of emotions that she felt while dealing with the loss of love. 

Best Song: “None of Your Concern”

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  1. Troye Sivan: In A Dream

Troye Sivan’s new album In A Dream is an indie pop meets indie rock dream. Usually sticking to a more mainstream sound, Troye really breaks free with his third album. His song “In A Dream” is one of the most upbeat sad songs ever made. The music does not match the lyrics in a good way. 

Best Song: “In A Dream”

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  1. Caitlyn Smith: Supernova 

Supernova is only singer Caitlyn Smith’s second album but the music reached so many people that it put her on the Billboard charts for the first time. With her guitar and piano, this folk singer created an impressive album filled with songs that clear the mind. Her lyrics deal with nostalgia and a hopeful look into the future matched with music that fits so perfectly with the theme. 

Best Song: “Put Me Back Together”

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  1. Alicia Keys: Alicia 

Alicia Keys’ seventh album is meant to uplift and connect people during these tough times. She wrote it with the intent to really reach out to her fans and give them a comforting hug. With a more jazz feel than her usual albums, this album reaches out to a more diverse audience and gives off a very personal and intimate feel that any audience can appreciate. 

Best Song: “Love Looks Better”

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