The 2020 to 2021 sports seasons bring new coaches for the football, girls lacrosse, cross country and track, and wrestling teams.

Physical education teacher Kevin Simonds, the former assistant coach for the football team, will now fill the position of head coach for the 2020 to 2021 season. 

Simonds has played football ever since he was little. He played in high school and in college for Randolph-Macon. Through football, Simonds has learned many valuable lessons about life and has always wanted to share those lessons with others. 

“Since playing football I learned so many life lessons through the game, I felt the need to give back and teach those same lessons that can help someone else,” said Simonds.

Simonds has coached football for 23 years. His favorite part of coaching is being able to create a family dynamic within the members of the team. 

“[My favorite part of coaching is] seeing a team come together and form a brotherhood. All the way from the coaches to the administration and staff to the players. You can tell when a team really cares for one another and will work hard for each other,” said Simonds.

Along with building the brotherhood of the team, Simonds also hopes to continue to build the joy of playing football.

“I want to see success in multiple areas not just in the win/lose column,” said Simonds. 

Because of COVID-19, many changes will occur to make the season safe for coaches and players. “I feel like there are so many changes that we are going to have to navigate. I have no idea what things will look like, but I will stay positive and teach and mentor each day,” said Simonds. 

Even though this season may be different, Simonds says he will keep a positive outlook.

Just like football, girls lacrosse will also be getting a new coach. Hanna Slough will be taking over the position of head coach for the varsity girls lacrosse team. 

Similarly, exceptional education teacher Bilal Jones will be the coach for girls cross country, winter indoor track, and spring outdoor track.  

Along with these sports, wrestling will also be getting a new head coach, Don Lineberry. Lineberry has been wrestling since he was in the sixth grade. He wrestled all the way through high school and eventually wrestled for the club team at Longwood University. 

This will be Lineberry’s fifth year coaching. “I got into coaching because of my love for the sport and wanted to give back to it,” said Lineberry. 

Lineberry specifically got into coaching at Godwin by talking with one of his former club coaches, Bob Harris, who is the former wrestling head coach. 

His favorite aspect of wrestling is the individuality of it. “You set your own goals and accomplishments, and your work ethic will determine the outcome of your matches,” said Lineberry. 

There are many factors that lead to a successful team. Lineberry believes that hard work, discipline, and teamwork all go hand in hand for creating a great team. 

As the new head coach Lineberry has some plans on how he will improve the wrestling team. “[I will] create stability and put Godwin athletes in the best position to succeed in every aspect of this sport and life,” said Lineberry. 

Lineberry hopes that this team will eventually win regional and state titles. Additionally, he said, “I hope to develop student athletes into respectable young men and women.”

All winter sports, including wrestling, have been canceled this season due to COVID-19.

“It’s heartbreaking for our athletes,” said Lineberry. 

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