We are in the concluding weeks of one of the most tumultuous elections in our country’s history. Throughout this election, there have been critiques on both sides as to how the candidates handled both themselves and their campaigns. 

Republican candidate and incumbent Donald Trump showed immaturity and lack of forethought throughout his campaign, constantly displaying his childlike and impulsive behavior. One example of this behavior occurred in a statement Trump gave during one of his speeches on the campaign trail. 

“I will accept the results of this election, if I win,” said Trump.

He made many additional statements relating to his rejection of election results according to CNBC News. 

Furthermore, Trump has constantly tweeted and made statements that are similar to this, damaging  his image and making him look ill-mannered and unfledged. His refusal to accept the results of the election is an insult to our democratic system and the values on which our country was founded. 

His tweets which featured claims such as, “impossible result,” “fake election results,” and “disgraceful,” are embarrassing and disrespectful towards the system we’ve had for so long. If Trump had won or was ahead, he wouldn’t have insulted our system at all. 

Just because the votes haven’t been in his favor doesn’t make him an exception or take away from the legitimacy of our democratic system.

Trump’s one-sided thinking of if it isn’t working  in his favor, it isn’t working at all is evidence of his disrespect and inability to properly conduct himself in the midst of an already divisive election. Not to mention, this election is one which millions of Americans are looking for legitimate, realistic policies and plans to repair the country over the next four years. 

On the Democratic side, former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign oftentimes focused  on issues of great importance on both sides, such as taxes and climate change, and concessions and compromises his administration would be willing to make with the Republican party in regards to these prominent issues. 

Biden’s speeches also tended to come off as cohesive and carefully crafted. An example of this was his Thanksgiving speech, where he made a statement concerning the coronavirus. 

“We’re at war with the virus not each other,” said Biden according to BBC News

Biden speaks in a calm manner, oftentimes directly to the average American family, with special attention paid to openly and honestly sharing his policies and his plans to implement them. 

On the other hand, Trump has been constantly tweeting hateful and crude comments such as calling the election “corrupt” and “rigged” as well as giving speeches full of calls to hate upon those who do not think the same way as his supporters. 

The Biden administration has used their campaign to try and appeal to the American people while the Trump administration has used their campaign to appeal to radical, far-right supporters according to The Washington Post.

 Biden has made it apparent that his main concern in this election is the wellbeing of our country as a whole.

“The work of the nation isn’t to fan the flames of conflict– but to solve problems. To guarantee justice. To give everybody a fair shot. To improve the lives of our people…We may be opponents, but we are not enemies,” said Biden according to Associated Press.

 This is a common theme in the Biden campaign that sets it apart from the Trump campaign.Where Trump encourages partisanship, Biden encourages a sense of peace and security to many Americans. 

However, the first debate was a sad example of leadership, showcasing a  lack of maturity and improper conduct by both parties. 

During the first debate, both candidates had issues with interrupting the other while speaking. However, the real issue was Trump’s continual discussion of Biden’s personal family issues during a debate about policy.

 Rather than conducting himself professionally and holding a proper debate to discuss plans and policy, Trump continually interrupted the process by calling out claims and insults in regards to Biden’s sons, noting one’s struggle with drug abuse and the other’s military service. 

After a seemingly long tallying process, it was projected that former Vice President Joe Biden would be the President-elect. 

After Biden was announced as the President-elect, Trump took to Twitter.

“He won because the election was rigged,” said Trump in one tweet.

Trump then sent lawyers to key states asking to inspect the ballots and election results and suing states. According to CNBC, Michigan and Arizona have both had judges decline his lawyers’ requests.

Trump’s supporters quickly followed in his footsteps by protesting his loss. The New York Times posted footage of thousands of his supporters marching with flags and signs.

This is yet another example of an issue Trump has taken in this election and used to further divisiveness and hatred in this country, focusing on argument rather than working to further unity and healing. 

Throughout Trump’s entire campaign he has done anything to divide the country more, such as turning wearing a mask into a political issue as opposed to a health issue. While, in contrast, Biden has focused on unifying the people and fixing the bridges Trump burned in his first term of presidency. 

Over the last several months, we have been in the front row to view how the candidates handled issues and whether they’ve been trying to  divide us or bring us together. These behaviors should give every American insight into the values they will uphold in office. 

Trump has created a campaign where he works for himself and those close to him. Biden has built a campaign where he works for the betterment of America. 

How they have conducted themselves in this excruciating election gives us a first-hand example of two completely different approaches to politics, and the choice is ours as to who is a better representation of America.

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