How to properly construct an email 

  • Use an appropriate greeting and properly address the reader. 
  • Keep the message short and concise 
  • Be polite 
  • Thank the reader and sign your name. 

Who is your grade level Administrator?

Who is your counselor?

Layer in the building! 

  • Bring a jacket or wear short sleeves, hallways like the 200’s can be freezing. 
  • Typical fluctuating outdoor temperatures also contribute to the building’s climate. 

How to apply for a job/volunteer opportunities 

  • Have a resume with any leadership roles, academic achievements, and anything else you see fit. 
  • Be sure to dress appropriately for an interview, I always go for all black. 
    • Prepare for your interview and think about any questions you may be asked and practice answering them. 

Know how to access your student ID number

  • We have been out of school for about 8 months now and I know I have long forgotten my student ID. 
    • For those of you going back to school, you will need the last four digits of your number to access printers and purchase lunch. 
    • You can locate your students ID on copies of your report card. 


  • Start researching colleges and make a list of schools you want to apply to.
  • The application window sneaks up on you fast and can be lengthy. 
  • Make a calendar with importance application, fafsa, scholarships, and recommendation deadlines. 
  • Make sure you will be able to access documents like your SSN, w-2, etc. because you will need them. 

What are some Godwin senior privileges?

  • Senior minute before lunch and at dismissal. 
  • Parking in the senior lot
  • Dressing up for Halloween 
  • Participating in Safety Day 
  • No mandatory common study 

How to navigate the senior lot

  • You are always better off being early and park closer to the front of the lot next to the road that leads out. This makes for a swift exit. 
  • Have a plan for how to get to the parking lot fast. 
  • Don’t get frustrated with traffic, nobody wants to get in an accident right after school. 

Tips for the virtual classroom

  • Be as connected with your teachers and faculty as possible! 
  • Know what resources are available and make sure to read daily emails being pushed to you, they often have important school and community events mentioned. 
  • Schedule time with your teachers even if it’s just to get to know them.
    • This situation can be isolating on both ends if your teachers want to talk to you. 
  • Try to have a good understanding of who your grade principal is, your counselor, etc. these people are put in place just to help you. 

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