News Brief – Sept. 2020

Eagle news:

Over the summer, the Axselle track and field at Godwin were redone for the first time since opening. 

Construction began right before the school year ended and continued throughout quarantine. 

Each summer, a different high school in the county receives a new track and turf field. The project was funded by Henrico County through a bond referendum for all of the Henrico County high schools. 

Local news: 

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Henrico County Public Schools are now entirely online for the first nine weeks. 

With coronavirus cases in the US still rising, having students in person would be high risk, especially with large classroom sizes, busy hallway intersections, and large groups of students at lunch.

Additionally, it could be difficult to enforce guidelines like wearing a mask at all times, sanitizing, and staying six feet apart from other students.

The fall sports season has been moved to later in the year with the hope that students can return to in-person class after the first quarter.

World news: 

On Aug. 4, two explosions occurred in the port of Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. 

The second explosion was extremely powerful, causing at least 200 deaths, 6,000 injuries, and 10 to 15 billion US dollars of damage.

Lebanon was already struggling with poverty before the coronavirus and the explosion, but with these added factors, the country is struggling even more than before with nearly 300,000 people homeless and in need of help.

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