Summer break this year was not really what we expected it to be. A temporary school closure suddenly turned into a permanent one. The last day of school and the first day of summer was spent in the exact same place. 

When cooped up at home with the vast internet at your fingertips, you can easily find activities that  you can do with just materials at home. Today, I’ll be reviewing a few easy at-home crafts that I have tried over this summer in quarantine. 

Craft tip number one!

Upcycling! Upcycling is when you take some old pieces of clothing or cloth that you have  at home, and modify it into something that you would use more often. I tried this with a few of my old shirts, cropping the bottom off, and slicing the sides off of a worn-out pair of jeans. 

Upcycling can be used on virtually any fabric, so long as you have the right materials to 

modify them with! For example, using some scrap fabric to make a little pouch, or trimming down a worn-out towel into a couple of washcloths for you to use later. 

By reusing many of the materials that you might have otherwise thrown away, you can save money and time by using stuff that you already have at your disposal at home. 

Using old clothes and scraps of fabric to make something new and creative brings new life into a whole new piece, something that you’ve just created. 

Craft tip number two!

Cardboard and paper crafts are the most basic type of craft, but nonetheless enjoyable. I’m sure that most of us have had more than a few deliveries to our houses over quarantine, and making some simple things out of the packaging can be something simple and fun. These types of crafts are more along the lines of the “I’m bored” type of craft. You can make things like an origami swan, a frog, a paper flower, homemade confetti, or pretty much anything you can come up with!

For example, something like a simple flower napkin could easily brighten up any corner of your house in just a few simple steps, following a tutorial from Design Improvised. All you need is a napkin, a pair of scissors, and a wire. You could even use some scotch tape or decorative tape if that suits your tastes!

photos Design Improvised

That’s all for this issue! Please feel free to try anything that I’ve mentioned above. Remember to be safe, and make sure to have fun! 

This year, we’re all going to have a lot of firsts, at least virtually, and are going to spend a lot more time at home. But no matter what, try to make the most of it however you can!

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