During these difficult and confusing times, the media has become an overwhelming reminder of our everyday struggles. However, Godwin’s leadership class hopes to challenge the status quo with their new “good news” network.

Students of the 2019-2020 Godwin leadership class, along with faculty advisers Jessica Harvey and Rebecca Martino and members of the SCA, have created a community news network for the sole purpose of delivering the good news. 

“Creating a positive school culture is a huge focus of ours and this seemed like a way to support that in a socially distant capacity,” said Martino. 

Due to the confusing times created by the pandemic, student leaders noticed a disconnect between Godwin and its community, so they decided it was time to make a change. 

“The leadership class conducted a Zoom call to try and coordinate a variety of ideas. Soon after Martino pitched a conglomerate idea to create a show, for students and teachers alike to tune into,” said SCA President and senior Connor Butterworth. 

In preparation and production of the show, many leadership students pitched in, working to contact students and Godwin faculty, as well as script and edit the show. 

Senior leadership student and co-anchor Isabella Stewart said, “Carolyn Hill (senior leadership student) edits our videos, and she does such an amazing job. Rachel Patterson (junior leadership student), along with Dori Mouris (junior leadership student) has also been a great help to us because they have reached out to students and teachers, asking them if they would like to contribute to our show in any way.”

Some of the outside content contributors to the show so far include Godwin Spanish teacher Marina Andueza, Godwin math teacher John Fletcher, Godwin senior Maggie Ford, and the girls lacrosse team.

The leadership class’s news show titled “Some Godwin Good News” or SGGN draws inspiration from another show created by actor and director John Krasinski under the similar name “Some Good News.” Krasinski’s YouTube-based news channel focuses on more positive, upbeat stories which are what Godwin’s news network also hopes to share.

“We plan on sharing content from students, teachers, and faculty from the Godwin community. We plan on keeping the focus of our show on our own loved ones from Godwin, but we might include more in the future if we become extremely popular,” said Stewart.

Though the news show has not been able to post on a weekly basis due to school and AP Exam schedules, they hope to share more episodes in the near future.

“We hope to get another one out soon! It has been challenging to coordinate without meeting in person. Also, we were ‘on pause’ during AP exams,” said Martino.

SGGN members are not sure what the future holds for the show past the end of quarantine. Though, some are hopeful that it could become a new Godwin tradition.

“I love Godwin, and I will do anything to keep the show together up until I am gone for college. At that point, I would love to have the opportunity to pass the torch onto some willing students,” said Butterworth.

SGGN hopes for any willing teachers, students, staff, and community members to join in on the story sharing by sending in content for the news channel. Anyone interested in sending in content or ideas to the show can email either isabellastewart17@yahoo.com or rjmartino@henrico.k12.va.us.

SGGN members hope this network can be a source of community outreach where those in need can have a place to look to.

“Not a day goes by where I am not thinking about everyone and hoping that their families are healthy and safe. I want everyone to know that we are here for anyone who needs some extra support or just someone to talk to and share a story with,” said Stewart.

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