During this time of self-isolation, many individuals lose their sense of time and operate outside of their normal routines, oftentimes leaving them bored and unaware of how to fill that time. 

Although this change may be difficult, it is very important to one’s well-being.

According to Kettering University, a new hobby or activity during quarantine allows someone to broaden their skill set, increase their patience, and boost their confidence.

With the fear of what might come next, people may become stressed and anxious. According to Skilled at Life, a  new activity reduces stress and boredom, allowing for a way to structure one’s time. 

Students at Godwin are becoming creative in order to pass this newfound time with activities that they enjoy. 

Sophomore Summer Serafim who picked sewing up from her aunt, said, “It seemed very difficult at first, but once I learned how to do it, it was a lot of fun.”

All this time has allowed Serafim to overcome the initial difficulty and learn the technique that is the easiest for her. 

“[Sewing] has filled up a lot of my free time when I have nothing to do, and I think sewing is a very important skill to know,” said Serafim. 

Sewing has acted as her distraction from days of stress and boredom. Through this, Serafim is learning a valuable skill that she can use for the rest of her life. 

Sophomore Camryn Hubbard picked up a similar hobby. Hubbard has started sewing her own bathing suits. 

“I first saw someone do something similar on Pinterest,” said Hubbard. 

Before quarantine, Hubbard didn’t have enough time or the correct materials to make these bathing suits. 

Along with making them for herself and her family, Hubbard has created an Instagram account dedicated to making and selling them to many others. 

Freshman Macy Berringer has started to cook and bake during quarantine. 

Before this newfound free time, Berringer said, “[She] didn’t have enough time to bake or cook.” 

Berringer has started this new activity to fill her time and benefit her family. “I have learned new recipes to expand our dinner choices,” said Berringer. 

Sophomore Emma Buck has found a new interest in yoga. 

According to Healthline, yoga is important for one’s body and mind, and it keeps one at ease while managing their stress and anxiety. Yoga is also great for increasing flexibility and strength. 

“It helps me be a lot more mindful and relaxed, and it helps with tension in my body, which is especially nice during this break from sports,” said Buck. 

It is important to always be in touch with one’s body even in the off-season or break from a sport. 

During this time, some are finding it more difficult to manage their time with a structured schedule. Others are finding this open schedule better for their time management.

“I think my time management skills have gotten better during quarantine. Because I have more time to do my work during the day, I haven’t been as stressed,” said Serafim. 

Buck has appreciated the flexibility with schoolwork during quarantine. 

“I think things have been a little harder regarding time management since we are not under a strict schedule anymore, but it has been nice getting to do my schoolwork wherever and whenever is easiest for me, but there is definitely still room to figure out a more efficient way to manage my time,” said Buck. 

Although many negative things have come from this quarantine, it has allowed people to find their interests and better themselves as a whole. 

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