In these challenging times that the world is facing during the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to focus on positivity. Two girls from the Center for Medical Sciences at Godwin are doing just that. 

Mia Tan, a sophomore at Godwin, wanted to create a way for people to send messages of appreciation to healthcare workers at Memorial Regional Hospital. 

At first there was just a link where people could write messages to healthcare workers.

Then Elina Rastegar, also a sophomore at Godwin, approached Tan with the idea of bringing it to a broader spectrum. 

“We created the project ‘Love Spreads Faster Than COVID-19’ so others could show their gratitude to healthcare workers and spread love and positivity,” said Tan. 

They quickly created a website and an Instagram account for people to share messages. Some of these messages include pieces of artwork, videos of people communicating their thanks, and videos of people playing an instrument to spread positivity.

“We believe that by creating an appreciative message through an individual’s talents we can create a positive impact on the world,” said Tan. 

Love Spreads Faster Than COVID-19 (LSFTC-19) has spread throughout Virginia and even the world. They have received many videos from all over the world including Germany, Canada, Iran, and the Philippines.

“We were overwhelmed when people immediately started sending us videos and messages, especially when the news spread globally,” said Rastegar.

One of the videos thanking healthcare workers spread to multiple hospitals in Virginia. 

Along with sharing these videos with people across the world, Tan and Rastegar are seeking more ways to help.

“We are seeking ways to help others tangibly, such as creating homemade masks,” said Tan. 

They also plan on having a fundraiser where all proceeds will be used to support local businesses.

“Our hope is for everyone to join us in letting others know that they are not alone and their sacrifices are not going unnoticed,” said Tan.

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