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Starting a new sport can be hard, but when you already have the skills to do it, the adjustment is not as drastic.

Junior Carter Morris has proven his skill on the soccer field being apart of their state championship-winning team as a sophomore.

However, this year Morris has taken his talents and applied them to the football field.

Morris never pictured himself on a football team, having never played before, until his soccer teammate and football kicker Chris Ondoua suggested he tried out.

With Ondoua, the starting kicker, having graduated, Morris decided to give it a shot.

Although soccer provided a background in kicking, Morris says the skills did not directly translate.

“Kicking was pretty easy to pick up because of soccer, but playing soccer didn’t really help me with punting,” said Morris.

Since he has joined the team, Morris has found support from his teammates.

“They’ve been helpful in learning how everything works,” said Morris.

The sudden switch from a sport he has played for so long to something entirely new has opened Morris’ eyes to the differences between the two sports.

“There’s a lot more pressure in football to not mess up because you’re only given one shot,” said Morris.

As a kicker, Morris is not involved in as much action on the field, especially for a center-back soccer player who is used to a more action-packed position.

Morris is thankful for the experience football has given him as well as what it has taught him.

“The soccer season has had a lot of success and it’s cool being a part of that, but trying something new has been pretty cool,” said Morris.

Morris says he could not pick which sport he enjoys the most because both have their own merits.

“I enjoy them both,” Morris said.

Morris intends to continue his Godwin football career and is also open to playing in college.

“If I got the opportunity to keep playing I would take it. It would probably make college more fun,” said Morris.

Though Morris enjoys playing kicker, he would not consider playing any other position due to the increased risk of injury that could affect his ability to play during the soccer season.

Morris would recommend a similar path to any soccer player. “It’s fun and you get to represent your school,” said Morris.

Morris kicked off the first home football game with a 44- yard field goal, a great start for a rookie player

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