The Senior Awards Assembly is an annual event held at Godwin to celebrate the graduating seniors and their accomplishments in their 13 years of education. The seniors gather together to acknowledge the accomplishments of their fellow classmates and of themselves as a class. Below are the awards and the receivers of such awards presented in the ceremony on June 12.

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Faculty Medallions

The Faculty Medallions are presented annually to seniors who, during their four years of high school, demonstrated outstanding leadership, consistent cooperation, and superior achievement in the subject area represented by each award. The students awarded with these medallions show genuine interest and appreciation for the subject each day. They enhance the experience for the class and the teacher with that interest.



Madison Douglas.


Emma Ford and Taylor Yeager.

Family and Consumer Sciences:

Kimia Jahangiri.


David Coffman and Jason Lin.

Center for Medical Sciences:

Henry Brown.


Instrumental: Devin Esleck.

Vocal: Shaandro Sarkar.


McKenna Gillard.

Morgan Logsdon.

Social Studies

Lilian Lemus.

Katie Zhang.

Technology Education

Bryant Schultz.

World Languages

French: Eleni Stathis.

German: Abigail Bogin.

Latin: Nic Sandoval.

Spanish: Matthew Lim and Farheen Zaman.



Every year seniors are awarded with a large number of scholarships by community groups, businesses, school organizations, and colleges. The senior class of 2018 was offered nearly 1.4 million dollars and accepted nearly 1.1 million dollars in scholarships for their continued education.


Bon-Secours-St. Mary’s Volunteer Auxiliary Scholarship

Grace Moncure.

Henrico Farm Bureau

Daniel Wu.

Edward Priestas Scholarship

William Parker.

Reynolds Community College Board Scholarship

Lilian Lemus-Cardenas.

Short Pump Ruritan Club

Reece Appel, Devin Esleck, and Ryan Potter.

Linhart Scholarship

McKenna Gillard.

Virginia Council on Women Stem Essay Scholarship

Alysse Stephens.

Memorial Scholarships

Mani Deep Kamineni Memorial: Sumner Levenson and Shaandro Sarkar.

Nikki Karam Memorial: Taylor Yeager.

JP Parsley Memorial: Haley Woods.

Lucy Saladina Memorial: Sumner Levenson and Molly Wheeler.

Matthew Veazey Memorial: Devon Furash.

Kendall Whitaker Memorial: Morgan Wyatt.

Todd Allen Phillips Memorial: Naomi Ghahrai and Cory O’Shea.

Godwin/Henrico Scholarships

Doing The Right Thing Even When No One is Watching: Gannon Bostian.

Godwin Athletic Association Ron Axselle Scholarship: Cory O’Shea.

Godwin Athletic Association Bill Browning Scholarships: Bryan Schultz, Nick Aaron, Rajanae Miller, and Kelsey Levine.

Godwin Athletic Association Henshaw Scholarship: Sumner Levenson.

Godwin Athletic Association Coach Todd “T-Philly” Phillips Scholarship: Jack Drimer.

Godwin PTSO Scholarship: Kaylee Butterworth, Jonathan Hardin, Grace Moncure, Erika Reiter, Carter Straub, and Molly Wheeler.

Grace Moncure was also named the PTSO Student Volunteer of the Year.

Patrick Gorman Memorial Scholarship: Annagrace Hamson.

Great Aspirations Scholarship Program: Justin Williamson and Joshua Lopez-Boutier.

John B. McGinty Scholarship: Kimia Jahangiri.

Pemberton Elementary School PTA: Jacob Thompson.

Quioccasin Middle School: Sumner Levenson.

Service and Academic Awards

Community Service: Over 107 seniors received a gold seal on their diploma for their voluntary service to the community performed through Community Service Learning Program of Henrico County Public Schools. In total, the senior class accumulated nearly 19,000 hours of service.

Superintendent’s Scholar Awards: This scholarship is awarded to students whose SAT score falls in the top 5 percent of the school-wide scores. 34 students were recognized for this award in the class of 2018. Those students are:

Chase Anderson

Spencer Arcibal

Ajitha Bala

Kishore Bhat

David Coffman

Jeremy Curtis

Madison Douglas

Evan Dwyer

Naomi Ghahrai

McKenna Gillard

Annagrace Hamson

Noah Hull

Matthew Hunderup

Satya Koppu

Ankit Kumar

Kelse Levine

Jason Li

Morgan Logsdon

Ajay Matthew

Emma Mckenney

Siddharth Nimmalagadda

Cathryn Palmer

Michael Pang

Chan Woo Park

William Parker

Amruta Ponugupati

Kevin Rao

Shaandro Sarkar

Camille Schmidt

Gurman Shokar

Sydney Spevak

Daniel Wu

Farheen Zaman

Chunxi Zhang


National Merit Scholarship Competition

Spencer Arhibal

Ajitha Bala

Margaret Che

David Coffman

Evan Dwyer

Devin Esleck

McKenna Gillard

Mano Harada

Jonathan Hardin

Noah Hull

Matthew Hunderup

Yara Ibrahim

Satya Koppu

Michael Pang

Kevin Rao

Shaandro Sarkar

Daniel Wu

Chunxi Zhang

Godwin also had three students who were named finalists. of 1.6 million test takers, only 15,000 receive this designation. The award was presented to:

Annagrace Hamson

William Parker

Farheen Zaman

David Coffman also earned the highest possible score of a 36 on the ACT test. Only one-tenth of one percent of all test takers receive such a score.


Governor’s Medallions

The Governor’s Medallions are awarded annually by the faculty and honoring Governor Godwin, the medallions recognize quiet, consistent leadership and service to the school. Candidates are in good standing in the areas of academics, attendance, citizenship, and service.

Miguel Hernandez

Julia Grossman

Naomi Ghahrai

Carson Rubin

Taylor Yeager

Lilian Lemus-Cardenas

Cory O’Shea

Ryan Potter

Kaylee Butterworth

Molly Wheeler

Shaandro Sarkar

Gabriela McInnes

Nick Aaron

Emma Ford

Grace Moncure

Sumner Levenson


Special Honors

Circle of Friends Citizenship Award: Gannon Bostian, Mandy Curbeira, and Molly Ferguson.

Recognition of U.S Military Enlistees: Simon Choate, Saquan Fitzgerald, David Prior, Nicolas Ross, Max Rubin, Cameron Stoermer, and Nicholas Sandoval.

Male and Female Athletes of the Year: Cory O’Shea and Isabelle Wilder.

Valedictorian: Cory O’Shea with GPA of 4.66.

Salutatorian: Jonathan Hardin with GPA of 4.62.


Final Awards

The Mills E. Godwin Award: Nick Aaron.

Becky Godwin Memorial Award: Miquel Hernandez.

Mills E. Godwin Scholarship: Devin Esleck.

John B. McGinty Educator of the Year: John Reaves.

All photos Chip Carter and Ava Macblane.


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