Another college football season has gone by, and the Florida State University Seminoles have defeated the Auburn University Tigers to become the national champions.

Florida State won the final championship in the Bowl Championship Series, more commonly known as the BCS. Under the BCS system, the top two ranked teams play a game to decide the champion. One problem is that not every team plays each other, there are always teams out there saying they should have been in the championship game.

At this time next year, there will be a four team playoff to determine the champion.

This new system will finally give a more accurate championship game. Not every team competes against each other so more teams believe they should be championship contenders. There will be less arguing and complaining and more football. This is a victory for the teams, the fans, and the television stations. The four team playoff should be great for television ratings.

According to, the four team playoff is expected to earn close to 500 million dollars in television revenue.

College football fans have been clamoring for a playoff, so many questions will now be answered.

The idea for a new system came up in 2011 when Louisiana State (LSU) was undefeated and was going up against Alabama in a rematch. A good number of people believed it should have been a one-loss Oklahoma State team, because Alabama had already lost to LSU in the regular season. Alabama went onto win, but it sure would have been more interesting to see what some other teams could have done if they had a chance to win the championship. Oklahoma State went on to a meaningless bowl game.

For the 2013, a likely four team playoff would have consisted of Florida State, Auburn, Alabama, and Michigan State.

This is what college football has been looking for. Each championship deciding format has made the college football champion crowning system better, but this playoff may just be the perfect solution.

Until 1997, college football decided its champion after the bowl games, which gave the bowl games more meaning, but left fans wanting a one versus two match-up. In 1998, the BCS gave the fans what they thought they wanted, but left too many bowl games with no meaning. This four team playoff, more championship caliber teams will have a chance to win it all.

College football may have found its perfect championship deciding system.


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