Godwin math teacher John Mustachio started a band in 2011 called Boxwave. Mustachio plays bass in the power duel along with Brad Ellsworth playing the Cajon.

Boxwave is slang for square wave, a signal between two things, one and zero. The two signals represent Mustachio and Ellsworth.

Once put together, they make a unique sound that can be described as alternative rock, go-go music, or funk.

A music reviewer for the Richmond’s Time Dispatch once described their sound as relating to Jaco Pastorius, an American jazz musician.

Earlier this summer, Boxwave played on Channel 6 and CBS. They also played in Manhattan, Charlottesville, and D.C. “We write all our original songs and sometimes we do covers for other bands. Our music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Youtube,” said Mustachio. Boxwave appears in bars and restaurants all around northern Virginia.

Currently Boxwave has records out on a label known as Earthdriver. Godwin sophomore, Kaylynn Henley said, “Mr. Mustachio can play bass guitar better than any rebel teenager I know.”

“I think it’s really important for people who graduate to have an artistic outlet. It’s an important part of being a human to share your creativity and help it to develop,” said Mustachio.

Mustachio is not the only gifted musical teacher at Godwin. Art teacher, Dana Morris is another teacher who has found refuge in her own band, The Vaycays.

She recently moved from Brooklyn, but has not had the opportunity of playing in Virginia. Morris has been playing music since she was 10 years old in New Jersey (NJ). She began playing in school bands and the Greater Princeton Youth Orchestra.

Morris has toured around the United States with previous bands and opened for The GasLight Anthem, a rock band from New Jersey.

She has three full length records recorded and published with her previous bands. The Vaycays consist of art teacher Dana Morris, her husband Mike Morris, and friend Dan Colby.

Dana Morris plays the drums while Mike Morris plays guitar and sings. Colby plays bass, but currently lives in Brooklyn.

Morris said their sound is closely related to Indie Rock.

The Vaycays have performed in Manhattan and Brooklyn. “I feel as if the atmosphere is very similar when playing with my band and being at school but just in a different sense,” said Morris.

The Vaycays currently do not have a Youtube channel but can be found on Facebook where you can find a link to their official band site.

Before moving to Richmond, Morris taught in the Bronx at the Monroe Academy for Visual Arts and Design for four years. “I love playing music and teaching, it’s my life,” said Morris.

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