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Equal opportunity is not equality- by Online Editor-in-Chief Emma Ford

Equal opportunity is one of the most misleading statements in American history because it often camouflages significant issues. Opportunity does not always result in equality. Beginning in the 1920s, women were confined to gender roles within their occupations. They were given the same opportunity as men to enter the workforce, but the roles in which […]


America’s race problem is not Trump’s fault- By Editor-in-Chief Olivia Carey

“It’s not Trump’s fault.” Anyone who has read one of my opinion pieces before knows that those are the last words that would ever come out of my mouth. However, as of late, they seem to ring startlingly true. Discrimination has existed in this country since long before Donald Trump did. Slaves were considered sub-human, […]


It is time to recognize our privilege- By Assistant Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Zerbst

  Recently, when the photo of President Trump’s cabinet meeting was released, I was taken aback. How can there be 16 white people and only two people of color? But of course, this is the way it has always been. When you stick with tradition, nothing can go wrong… Except, of course, the fundamental racism […]


For democracy to persist, silence cannot- by Online Editor-in-Chief Emma Ford

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” These words spoken by Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have, in an ironic twist, become an anthem among women. From fighting for the right to vote in the 1920’s, to gaining reproductive rights, and now, fighting for equal pay, women have proven time and time again that a little bit of persistence […]


The name of this article is censored- By Online Editor-in-Chief Emma Ford

We live in a society where information is abundant. From sharing our whole lives on social media platforms to having an unlimited supply of documents and websites to use for research, society relies entirely on the accessible information that technology provides. However, with this new era of available information, debates over whether or not certain […]

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The mentality of Modern High School Students- by Opinion Editor McKenna Gillard

The mentality of modern high school students. How does stress in schools affect high school students’ learning? Godwin High School is a is ranked 22nd in the state and recognized for its academic rigor.  This academic intensity is felt directly by the students. So many hours are spent by Godwin students stressing over grades, GPA, […]