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A year in pictures- by Rearview Editor Carter Straub

Godwin looks back at events that defined the school year September: “Welcome back” Wesley Dugger named Most Valuable Eagle D.E.A.R. is implemented Godwin athletics is on Probation October: “Seniorween” Godwin celebrates the life of T.Philly at his Birthday Bash Senior guys perform the Senior Guys’ Dance November: “Turkey Time” Godwin honors its veterans at the […]


Mental health month- by Online Editor-in-Chief Emma Ford

May is officially Mental Health Awareness Month. The Mental Health  America Organization declared May as Mental Health Awareness month in 1949, hoping to shift Americans’ viewpoints of mental health into a more proactive, responsive attitude. Each year, the organization releases a theme for the month of May that involves mental health. This year’s topic of […]


The Roundup with Olivia and Charlotte: Throwbacks – by Editor-in-Chief Olivia Carey and Assistant Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Zerbst

Movies: The Princess Diaries The Princess Diaries staked its place as a classic the moment it came out. Don’t lie and say that after seeing young Anne Hathaway living in a renovated firehouse with her cool, artsy mom, you didn’t want to be a San Francisco teenager attending private school. It has every draw you […]


Godwin combats drunk driving

In preparation for prom, Godwin high school has launched a campaign informing students of the negative effects of underage drinking, and drinking while driving. The school hopes that by showing the student body the effects and dangers of drunk driving, then the students will take these consequences into consideration for prom night and the rest […]