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Wheeler and her dad celebrating after their eight day journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. 
photo courtesy Molly Wheeler

“Ain’t no mountain high enough” – by Online Editor-in-Chief Sarah Burroughs

Senior Molly Wheeler hikes the highest free-standing mountain in the world This summer, senior Molly Wheeler replaced her pool float with hiking boots to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on the Lemosho trail with her dad. Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world with a height of 19,340 […]

photo Julia Grossman

Welcoming new teachers to the nest – by Feature Editor Dalia Jimenez

Name: John Reaves Position/Subject: 10th grade English College attended: Virginia Commonwealth University Years teaching: This is my very first year! Hometown: Richmond – I’m a 2007 Eagle. Favorite subject as a kid: English Hobbies: Filmmaking, going to the dog park, gardening, and tech decking (finger skateboards; I’m too old to skateboard for real.) Favorite book: […]


Senior Awards Assembly 2016-2017

Faculty Medallions: Business- Michael Wisner     English- Olivia Carey and Carter Ryder Family and Consumer Sciences- Emma Cooper   Marketing- Saja Alexander   Mathematics- William Rawson and Polina Bukina   Todd Allen Phillips’ Center for Medical Sciences: Shreyas Kulkarni Music: Instrumental- Ben Chase Music: Vocal- Erica Glines   Science: Samantha Cohodas and Lauren Carver     Social Studies: Audrie Corral and Mitchell Wein […]


The job of your childhood dreams- by J-1 Correspondent Kristina Smith

Disney has pervaded children’s lives since it was founded in in 1923. Some dream of becoming princes or princesses, allowing Disney to follow them into adulthood. For English teacher Christy Maddox, that dream became a reality. Maddox lived around the corner from the Radio Disney building while studying journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is […]


Farewell Godwin teachers- by News Editor Yara Ibrahim

Six teachers leave the nest after years of influence Godwin is known for its dedicated teachers, so farewells to favorites are often difficult for students and staff who have formed close friendships. Spanish teacher Sharon Northrop has taught Spanish at Godwin for 15 years. Although students will no longer see Northrop daily, they can expect […]


Cellphone addiction? A generation of tech-aholics- by J-1 Correspondent Isaac Hull

Do you ever fear being without your smartphone or not able to use it? Maybe you get anxious when responding to or receiving text messages, or you feel like you received a text or notification when you really didn’t? If the above symptoms apply to you, you suffer from a condition known as cellphone addiction. […]