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Team 6779: Shaandro Sarkar, William Parker, Kevin Rao, and Farheen Zaman (l to r)
photo courtesy Twitter; @Godwin_students

“I have two [math] models standing before me”- by Opinion Editor McKenna Gillard

Two of Godwin’s own math modeling teams have earned a place in the top eight math modeling teams in the nation. The high scoring teams included Team 6774 (seniors Oliver Hamilton, Shreyas Kulkarni, William Rawson, and Alex Sims) and Team 6779 (juniors William Parker, Kevin Rao, Shaandro Sarkar, and Farheen Zaman). Students undertaking math modeling […]

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A year in pictures- by Rearview Editor Carter Straub

Godwin looks back at events that defined the school year September: “Welcome back” Wesley Dugger named Most Valuable Eagle D.E.A.R. is implemented Godwin athletics is on Probation October: “Seniorween” Godwin celebrates the life of T.Philly at his Birthday Bash Senior guys perform the Senior Guys’ Dance November: “Turkey Time” Godwin honors its veterans at the […]


The job of your childhood dreams- by J-1 Correspondent Kristina Smith

Disney has pervaded children’s lives since it was founded in in 1923. Some dream of becoming princes or princesses, allowing Disney to follow them into adulthood. For English teacher Christy Maddox, that dream became a reality. Maddox lived around the corner from the Radio Disney building while studying journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is […]


Mental health month- by Online Editor-in-Chief Emma Ford

May is officially Mental Health Awareness Month. The Mental Health  America Organization declared May as Mental Health Awareness month in 1949, hoping to shift Americans’ viewpoints of mental health into a more proactive, responsive attitude. Each year, the organization releases a theme for the month of May that involves mental health. This year’s topic of […]

The new model, Dell Latitude 3380, to replace the current Dell model in the 2017-2018 school year.
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Henrico signs contract for new computers- by J-1 Correspondent Dimitrius Gomez

As technology continues to broaden its abilities, the life of a personal computer continues to shorten. Laptops tend to be outdated abruptly after their successor models are introduced, making the old device irrelevant. Current laptops at Godwin will soon be out, as new laptops will be introduced to students at the beginning of the 2017-2018 […]


Farewell Godwin teachers- by News Editor Yara Ibrahim

Six teachers leave the nest after years of influence Godwin is known for its dedicated teachers, so farewells to favorites are often difficult for students and staff who have formed close friendships. Spanish teacher Sharon Northrop has taught Spanish at Godwin for 15 years. Although students will no longer see Northrop daily, they can expect […]

Anna Sidhu, Divya Atluri, Seidenberg, Anna Brodzik, and Jessica Marks (l to r) at senior night before their match against Glen Allen High School during the regular season. 
photo courtesy Sandy Spicknall

All he does is “win win win” no matter what – by J-1 Correspondent Tyler Anderson

Godwin tennis coach Mark Seidenberg has been coaching the Godwin girls tennis team for 23 years, building a strong résumé of state titles and success. On May 3, Seidenberg reached new heights in his coaching career and for the Godwin girls’ tennis team by achieving his 400th win as the girls’ tennis coach. The tennis […]