By: Thomas Eubank

Four Keogh brothers have been a fixture in the Godwin basketball landscape for the past decade. Ryan, 24, Garrett, 21, and Sean, 19, have each been through four years in the program while Daniel,15, is in his sophomore season, starting for the Eagles’ varsity squad.

The love of sports in the family started before the boys were even born. Mother Jill, played softball and field hockey in high school, and father David was a two- sport athlete at Monacan, playing basketball and baseball. David coached all four boys in basketball and baseball for many years.

I think their love for sports came from watching games and attending UVA football games before they could walk,” said Jill.

Last of Keogh brothers continues tradition Daniel Keogh started playing his freshman year as the starting point guard on JV.

This year he has helped the team to a 14-5 start. He grew up watching his brothers and realized the importance of the team to them. He
was at GHS most Friday nights in the winter seeing big crowds and packed student sections.

It was here that according to Daniel, he “learned about keeping his composure in big games” and how to “stay calm in intense games.”

Daniel said the best advice he received from his brothers was to “not give
into the opposing teams crowd.”

His favorite memory so far in his career is this year’s home win against Freeman where he went 6/6 from the field.

Daniel hopes to continue basketball into college. Sean Keogh, a 2022 graduate, played only one year of varsity due to the COVID cancellation of the 2020-2021 season. “I learned how fast paced and intense high school basketball really is from watching my older brothers play,” said Sean, now a freshman at East Carolina University.

The second oldest brother to come through the program was Garrett. Garrett played on

the freshman and JV teams and finished out his career with two years on varsity. Garrett also played varsity lacrosse all four years at Godwin.

“My favorite thing about playing basketball was all the time I got to spend playing with my closest friends,” said Garrett. Watching how his older brother played and carried himself helped Garrett tremendously.

“Trust in the hard work you have put in and be in the moment in everything you do,” said Garrett, now in his senior year playing lacrosse for University of
Mary Washington.

The eldest Keogh, Ryan, was a three sport athlete throughout his high school career. He played basketball for a year and a half on JV and on varsity for two
and a half years. Ryan also played baseball and volleyball. He was a key piece on the only regional championship volleyball team in Godwin history.

All three of his younger brothers looked up to him. “I think having the opportunity to experience the excitement and nervousness that comes
with rivalry games helped them to feel more comfortable when it was their time to play,” said Ryan.

Ryan speaks of his youngest brother proudly, impressed with Daniel’s toughness and confidence as a younger player. Ryan believes Daniel’s fearlessness comes from playing with his older brothers and friends growing up.
“My advice to him is to continue to enjoy every opportunity that he gets to play and to keep working towards his full potential because he is absolutely the best player out of the four of us,” said Ryan. Ryan cited the brothers’ biggest influence, their parents. “Growing up, they gave us so many opportunities to practice and play, and once we got to high school, they rarely missed a game,” said Ryan.
The four brothers’ athletic accomplishments are all very impressive, but what Jill Keogh is most proud of is “how they continue to support one another and remain such close friends.”
“We have always emphasized how lucky they are to have each other,” said Jill.

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