How 2020 Godwin seniors made virtual convocation special

photo courtesy Grace Killius
photo courtesy Leah Eaken

Despite going virtual this school year, it is still the season to celebrate Godwin seniors for all their hard work. Senior season kicked off on Oct. 29 with Godwin’s first ever virtual convocation. 

Godwin teachers participated in creating a video to acknowledge this year’s seniors and their accomplishments. 

Students were asked to wear their red gowns and sit down with family or friends to simulate the real convocation as best as possible. 

“Online is not ideal, but it’s important that we keep the virus under control, respect the safety of others, and make the best of the situation,” said Godwin senior Grace Lanham. 

Due to the pandemic, a lot of changes have been made. The class of 2021 has  sacrificed many  traditions in order to stay safe. 

“I was disappointed just because it’s senior year and we don’t get to have any of the normal senior events or activities in person,” said Godwin senior Leah Eaken. 

But Eaken, like  many seniors, have done their best to make this year count. Some students gathered safely together and created an atmosphere that was special to them. 

“I’m a person that loves to cook, so I took some time in the morning to make a variety of breakfast food for our little gathering. It was nice to have some time to do something I enjoy,” said Godwin senior Grace Killius. 

Covid-19 style events have become the new normal, and Godwin seniors were happy to jump on this new trend. 

“We all wore white dresses and our gowns to make it feel more special like in person convocation. We also took pictures after, which gave us a sense of normalcy,” said Eaken. 

According to Lanham, the gowns made a difference. Being able to sport Godwin’s colors, even in their home, made the seniors even more excited to participate in the convocation. 

“The highlight of my virtual convocation was probably getting to wear the robe and finally declare myself as a senior,” said Lanham. 

The convocation video allowed the seniors to experience one tradition. Godwin teachers wanted to  create a unique experience for the class of 2021.

 “Mr. B’s hilarious commentary and the sweet messages from Mrs. Dunavant and the rest of the faculty really made our convocation the best, despite the circumstances,” said Lanham. 

Seeing familiar faces on the screen was a reminder to seniors of who they were and what they had achieved.

“I think my favorite part, and the part that stood out the most to me, was when all of the faculty and staff members of Godwin sent out their kind and encouraging messages to the senior class, as well as the student body. It was really nice to see them and hear their voices, and it certainly helped to make the special day feel a little more normal,” said Lanham. 

The convocation has always been a staple for the senior experience. It’s importance did not go unnoticed in spite of the challenges of this new year.

“I don’t know if the reality of being a senior has hit yet, but I think being out of the building has the most to do with that.  Keeping some traditions like convocation has been a great help in trying to make things feel a little more normal,” said Killius. 

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