Being a successful athlete while enduring the challenges and obstacles of a pandemic can be difficult. Charlie Kennedy, 2018 All-Metro Golfer of the Year and current senior at Godwin, shares how his golfing experience has been altered by the pandemic. 

Life during the lockdown disrupted many people’s typical routines, but fortunately for Kennedy, he was still able to get out to Richmond Country Club (RCC), his home course, to practice.

 “Before Covid-19 I went out to the golf course around three to four times a week. Once Covid-19 hit, since you can’t do much, I’ve been going out around five times a week,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy took advantage of his opportunity to play more golf than he currently was. 

“I would practice around four hours a week normally, but since Covid-19 came I have been practicing around eight hours a week,” he said. 

Staying aware and safe, Kennedy took the correct precautions while playing. 

“While practicing we have been making sure to properly social distance and at some courses, we aren’t allowed to take out the pins,” he said.

According to Kennedy, other than Covid-19 precautions, golf practices have been able to stay the same.

 “A normal practice for me is going to the range for an hour or two, and then going to work on a short game and putting for another hour or two,” said Kennedy.

With the uncertainty of having a final golf season at Godwin, Kennedy often plays with teammate’s Walker Williams and Will Houtz, who are both Juniors at Godwin.

Many golfing tournaments this year were canceled for Kennedy because of Covid-19 and the dangers that come with it. However, Kennedy was still able to participate in 11 tournaments. 

“I won five of my tournaments this year and I played very well in most of them. Most tournaments aren’t that different [during Covid-19] except we had to make sure we are social distancing,” he said. 

In December of 2019, Kennedy verbally committed to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to play golf. 

“There were a lot of factors in committing to VCU, but the most important one was the relationship I was able to create with the head coach,” said Kennedy.

Since committing to VCU, Kennedy hasn’t had many opportunities to go meet with the coaches, however, he has still managed to create a bond with them virtually.

“Sadly, I have not been able to meet with the coaches at VCU, but I have been able to talk to them on the phone a couple of times,” said Kennedy. 

Anticipating the upcoming school year as a new college student, Kennedy hopes that COVID-19 will have minimal effects on his upcoming season at VCU.

 “I’m hoping that Covid-19 will not have an impact on my freshman season at VCU next year and that I can continue playing,” he said.

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