40,957 deaths have been caused by the Coronavirus. Because of that, many restaurants have made changes affecting their procedures and employees during this stressful time.

    To dive deeper into this, I have decided to research two restaurants related to the Godwin Athletic Association. I am interested in how these businesses have been during this tough time. I researched Glory Days Grill and Papa John’s Pizzeria.

First, I researched Papa John’s. The business has been flourishing for Papa John’s. Because Papa John’s is one of the favorite restaurants in the suburbs of Richmond, they have been doing extremely well. 

Many families don’t want to leave their house, so getting a pizza delivered with no-contact delivery is a perfect adjustment for Papa John’s. Despite the scandal caused by founder John Schnatter, I believe Papa John’s will continue to succeed. 

I was able to interview a Papa John’s worker, Carter Hall, who delivers pizzas. I asked how he felt business was going. “Business is booming. I deliver to about four to six places per shift!” said Hall.

Personally, I think Glory Days’ business during quarantine started slow, but business has picked back up in recent weeks. The only issue is people might have worries about the amount of people who come in contact with their food before it gets to them. 

I believe that they have been able to eliminate much of customers’ worry with their curbside pick up option. If you choose to eat in the restaurant, safety precautions have been put in place in order to instill confidence in the customers.

Godwin sophomore Lexi Burks eats at Glory Days once or twice a week. “The employees wear masks and wipe down everything before we are seated. They also make sure we are seated six feet apart,” said Burks. 

Burks said her parents are confident in the employees because “knowing people who work there allows us to trust the safety more than we normally would at other restaurants.”

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