You may know the Godwin librarian Brooke Davis as the lady at the desk who checks out and renews your books, but there is a lot more to know about her than solely her job at Godwin. 

photo by Skylar Stockman

Before she became a librarian at Godwin, Davis worked at Varina High School as a librarian for nine years. 

“I switched schools because I love the diversity and the wide range of students at Godwin,” said Davis. 

Davis has been a librarian for  14 years. She was awarded the Librarian of the Year for the James River Region of VAASL (Virginia Association of School Librarians) in 2015. 

When she is not working at Godwin, Davis does volunteer work, exercises, and often ends the day by watching her favorite show, “Grace and Frankie,” on Netflix.

Here is a closer look at a typical day for the beloved Godwin librarian.

by Skylar Stockman


5:30 – Wakes up and does about 15 minutes of yoga, then has a short meditation/journaling time before getting ready for work. While she gets ready, she turns on some classical music. Breakfast is usually some kind of fruit, eggs, or yogurt. When she eats, she likes to watch some of the local news.

7:20 – Drives to Godwin. While driving, she likes to listen to upbeat music. Most often it’s alternative or classic rock.

8:00 – 8:45- Gets library ready to be opened which involves turning on the lights, logging into the circulation computer, and turning on some quiet instrumental music for the early bird students. She also likes to start aromatherapy in her office. 

9:00 – 3:55 – Teaches Mindful Monday once a week as well as classes on how to do research and use the green screen or 3-D printer. She orders new books for the library as well as manages study hall students, book checkouts, and book returns.

4:30 – 6:00 – Takes a walk through the neighborhood before starting to make dinner for her and her husband. She likes to watch Channel 12 news while she cooks. Her favorite foods for dinner are crab cakes or shrimp. After eating, she either goes to meetings for her volunteer groups or to the Jewish Community Center to exercise.


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