GHS senior takes center stage

While most students play music as a hobby or extracurricular activity, Godwin senior Abby Taylor has made a name for herself out of her musical prowess.

Taylor has a passion for singing and playing various instruments.

Alongside singing, Taylor plays the drums, bass, guitar, and piano.

Taylor performing one of her songs at the Tin Pan.

Taylor is an independent artist, her interest in music having been sparked by her father when she was young.

“My dad learned how to play the guitar in college, so I was inspired by him. We like most of the same music, so we go to a bunch of concerts together too,” said Taylor.

The love for music was passed on to Taylor, who is continually learning new instruments.

This summer, she learned how to play the piano and drums. She learned how to play the guitar in 2014, and bass in 2016.

While Taylor normally produces Indie/Alternative music, she plans to experiment with other genres in the future. She enjoys this freedom to choose because if she were signed with a record label, she would be told what genre to produce.

Along with the playing of her instruments, she uses synthesizers and song samples to enhance her music.

Though she has been singing her whole life, she was not overly involved with it until recently.

“I started writing music in 2015 when I was in a rock band before freshman year,” said Taylor.

While some focus on popularity and fame when creating music, Taylor creates music solely for personal enjoyment.

“I don’t care about popularity, but whoever listens to my music usually likes it,” said Taylor.

Taylor performs live at various locations around Richmond including the Sound of Music Recording Studios, The Tin Pan, and Sam Ash, a music store.

She also performs regularly at open mics and parties.

“[I prefer] Sound of Music because it’s a really open environment with a great sound system,” said Taylor.

Music takes a lot of time and energy, but her dedication to her craft for music makes the time and effort worth while.

“I work on my music as much as possible, but school and life can be distracting. I usually pump out a couple of songs in a month or so, but I want to fine-tune them so they are fire,” said Taylor.

Once Taylor finishes a song, she uploads it to Spotify where anyone with an account can listen.

Taylor plans to continue to have fun with her music and hopes it will help her grow as a person.

“For me, my music isn’t about getting notoriety, but being happy with my work and people enjoying it,” said Taylor.

Ever since her father introduced her to music, it has not only had a tremendous influence on her life, but also gives her an escape from school and daily life.

“Music has given me an outlet for creativity and expressing myself,” said Taylor.

Although she has gained experience as a live performer and songwriter, Taylor’s music career is only getting started.

Taylor will attend college next year, and she hopes college will help further her music career.

“I plan to continue writing and performing music; hopefully I will be starting a band in college,” said Taylor.

Fame and fortune is not all Taylor wants in her future with music.

Taylor benefits from the experience because she loves what she does and is constantly music.

“I think you should do what you love. If you love music, why not? Don’t be afraid of judgement because at the end of the day as long as you’re happy with your content it shouldn’t matter what others think,” said Taylor.

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