Fall play will be the “Maine” attraction

Each fall, the Short Pump Players and Godwin High School work together to put on a school play.

This year, 12 students will take the stage in the romantic comedy “Almost, Maine.”

“‘Almost, Maine’ is a play composed of nine vignettes focusing on love and loss in a magical and remote town,” said director Todd Coolidge.

Senior Jillian Wohltmann was chosen to be the student director. Wohltmann helps cast, block, and give notes to the cast and crew during rehearsals.

“I wanted to be the student director because I enjoy directing and I was very lucky to have been offered the opportunity. It’s a fun way to work with people,” said Wohltmann.

Coolidge is excited about the uniqueness of the play and looks forward to sharing it with the school.

“I was attracted to this play because it’s different from anything we’ve ever done. It also offers some terrific challenges for our actors,” said Coolidge.

The plays usually take place in the Mac Damron Theater, which seats more than 700 people. “Almost, Maine,” will be shown on Nov. 7, 8 and 9.

“I think that each audience member will be able to relate to at least a couple of the vignettes,” said Coolidge.

Wohltmann believes that being a student director has been a great learning experience.

“The most rewarding part of being behind the scenes is to be able to see everything come together. I’m there from the very first audition to the closing show and the whole time I’m watching all the actors grow into their characters; it’s a very exciting thing to do. However, I’m awful at time management, so I think the hardest part of student directing is having to figure out how to improve that, but I’m getting better at it,” said Wohltmann.

Coolidge finds the most enjoyment after the play, seeing what his actors do in their future lives.

“The most rewarding part of directing is seeing the actors I have worked with for a few years come into their own. I also feel a sense of accomplishment when I can step back and let the student director and tech crew take over and basically run the production by opening night,” said Coolidge.

Wohltmann is looking forward to seeing the play in its final form.

“I love this show because there are so many different stories and the audience gets to watch them all come together. It’s magical in a way while also being funny, sad, and inspiring all at the same time,” said Wohltmann.

Wohltmann believes the audience can gain more than just entertainment value from the play.

“The audience can take many life lessons from the stories told.”

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