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In 2015, Godwin and its community endured the loss of a bright light when Tyler Wentz passed away in a body-surfing accident.

People who knew Wentz have only positive things to say about his character.

“He was one of the most fun, loving, and kind people I have ever met,” said Johnathan Geary, a classmate of Tyler’s.

Following his passing, Wentz’ family created the Tyler Wentz Memorial Fund in order to carry on his memory.

Each year, the Memorial Fund offers two $2,500 scholarships in Wentz’ name. The scholarships are meant to encourage and reward students who display a similar attributes to Wentz: kindness, outstanding attitude and character, strong community involvement, and great Godwin spirit.

In order to raise money for the fund, the Tyler Wentz Scholarship Event was started.

Wentz’ family came up with an idea that everyone could go with: a golf tournament. Golf was one of Tyler’s favorite things to do, so it was a perfect way to raise money in his name.

The Tyler Wentz Memorial Golf Classic is hosted with the goal of raising money to put towards various scholarships granted to Godwin students.

The Tyler Wentz Golf Classic was first hosted in 2016 by family and friends in order to give the community a fun event that Wentz would have enjoyed and that they could remember him with.

The event also raised money that served as scholarships for two deserving Godwin students who had the same admirable qualities that Wentz did.

The first annual Tyler Wentz Golf Tournament was held on Oct. 23, 2016, Wentz’ birthday. The fourth and most recent was held on July 27, 2019 at Hunting Hawk Golf Course.

To help with the fundraiser, local businesses provide prizes for various games and events at the golf tournament.

Since the inaugural golf tournament, $65,000  has been raised and $10,000 has been granted in scholarships to Godwin students.

The scholarship has been awarded to four students since its commencement: Brent Miller, Meredith Elliott, Kaelyn Wagner, and most recently, Grace Moncure.

“When I first found out about the scholarship, it was unlike any other and it really hit close to home because I got to know Tyler while he was doing something he loved,” said Moncure.

The event will continue to go on thanks to the continual support from the Godwin community and those who loved Tyler and what he stood for.

“While the scholarship helped with college expenses, it means much more to me to keep Tyler’s legacy alive through his award,” said Moncure.

For more information about the scholarship and the event, visit www.twentz.com/gold-tournament/.


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