While students were enjoying their days off during the snow days before break, Godwin High School was undergoing some significant changes.

On Dec. 19 and 20, Godwin’s previous ‘changeable letter’ marquee in front of the school was replaced with a new electronic marquee. An outside company installed the new screen over a two day period.

“One of the most discussed methods of communication was the marquee. [The old marquee] was hard to maintain with things going on at school all of the time,” said Godwin High School Principal Leigh Dunavant.

However, the upgrade came at a large cost.

“[The school] received almost $20,000 in donations which funded most of the sign,” said Duvanant.

Surprisingly, Godwin is the first high school to debut this new technology.

Some of the advantages to the new marquee include how easy it is to add new updates to the board.

“We can post multiple announcements and schedule them ahead of time,” said Dunavant.

Now, students can be recognized for their accomplishments directly in front of the school for any driver on Pump Rd. to see.

photo courtesy Google
old marquee

“We can tell our story on the marquee, including more events and recognizing more successes,” said Dunavant.

The new marquee opens many doors for the school’s ability to notify students of the variety of things going on at Godwin.

But, technology is bound to come with maintenance, especially with the conditions the marquee has to withstand.

Luckily, with the generous donations Godwin received, the maintenance is already covered for the next 12 months.

“A maintenance package is included for this year. We will budget the maintenance in the future,” said Dunavant.

In addition to the new outdoor electronic marquee, with a new year came a new score table for the gymnasium.

photo Maeve Summers
New electronic score table in use at Godwin gymnastics meet

“The score table is not a permanent fixture,” said Tom Nadeau, Director of Student Activities.

The new score table arrived Jan. 8 and was premiered at the Girls and Boys Basketball game on Friday, Jan. 11.

Godwin senior Sadie Williams is optimistic about the scoreboard’s versatility.

“I think the new scoreboard is a great opportunity to keep students informed on future games and tell more about the players on the floor,” said Williams


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