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Charlie Kennedy wins All Metro Golfer of the Year

Sophomore Charlie Kennedy has had a very successful first two years as a golfer at Godwin. Kennedy has already earned two of the top awards for high school golfers.

Kennedy kicked off his golf career at Godwin with a state championship as a freshman. This year, he was the state runner up, as well as the winner of the All-Metro Golfer of the Year award. Kennedy finished just a stroke short of winning the state championship this year.  Godwin golf coach Hunter Thomas said, “Charlie is well deserving, and every time he plays [he] is the person everyone thinks will win. When the pressure is on, he performs well every time.”

Kennedy said, “It feels great to win this award and I knew coming into the season that [winning] was one of my goals. I got support from my teammates and Coach Thomas and they all helped me achieve my goal.”

Kennedy is overall optimistic in regards to his future in Godwin golf.

“I feel confident in the next few years. I know that we have some good young kids coming in the next few years so I’m excited to see what they bring to the table,” said Kennedy.



Local News

Seven year old’s toy drive still going strong eight years later

When Nick Booth was 7 years old, he saw on T.V. that some kids had to spend their Christmas in hospitals. This upset Booth, who wanted kids to be able to spend Christmas at their homes.

Booth decided to put together a toy drive for children who had to spend their holidays in hospitals. This first year, Booth received donations from his church and was able to donate 75 toys. Later schools in the Dinwiddie area got involved in the toy drive, which expanded the reach of the donations.

“We had members of the Dinwiddie school system in our church congregation who wanted to help Booth the following year. Then more churches heard about it, then business and organizations throughout the years have joined in, and before you know it the drive was bigger than we had ever imagined,” said Nick’s mom, Sheri Booth.

This year, Nick decided to take the drive in a more personal direction, after his three-week-old niece, Kalleigh, passed away. Nick named the drive Kalleigh’s Angels this year in a tribute to her.



National News

Deadly forest fire breaks out in California


In Nov., a devastating forest fire ravaged Butte County, near Sacramento, Cal. The fire started from a campfire on Nov. 8, and it steadily burned through the entire county.

Causes of the fire are of some dispute, as the state officials have pointed to the hottest temperatures of the decade hitting the area this year, as well as strong winds spreading the fire.

President Trump; however, believes there was mismanagement on the state’s part that caused the fire to break out. He claims the handling of forests throughout California is not effectively preparing the areas for fires like this one.

After 17 days of the fire destroying land in California, 85 people have been killed while 14,000 residences have been damaged across the 153,000 acres of Butte County.

After days of rain allowed the first responders to enter the burned areas, they were able to contain the fire. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West have set up charity funds to help those that have lost their homes in the fire.


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