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The Decision is in… Britton Wilson to attend the University of Tennessee in 2019

Ever since her freshman year, Britton Wilson has shined on the track. Her passion and love for running has made her one of the top track and field prospects for colleges.

As Wilson’s senior year approached, the students of Godwin High School waited in anticipation to see what school Wilson would commit to.

For the months leading up to the decision, Wilson had been teasing her social media followers as she narrowed her choices down to four schools: the University of Georgia, the University of Miami, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Tennessee.

On Nov. 19th, the wait was finally over. Wilson had planned her own signing event in Godwin’s library. Friends and family all gathered in excitement to see what school Wilson would choose.

Wilson first started off my narrowing down her choices to the University of Miami and the University of Tennessee.

In the end, Wilson decided the the University of Tennessee was where she would want to continue her track training for the next four years.

“I chose University of Tennessee because of the opportunities they offered, both of the coaches are Olympians and ran my events. I plan to go to the Olympics one day, and I think they will take me there. They also had amazing facilities!” said Wilson.

Wilson had many people to thank for their continuous support of her over the years.

“I’d like to thank my mom and dad because they had my back through all the stress and my siblings. Also my coach for being supportive and of course the coaching staff from UT for recruiting me. I’m also so incredibly thankful for all my friends and family that came to my signing it meant so much to me to see a lot of my friends there, and it showed how much they care about me and my future. it made me so happy,” said Wilson.


Photos Chip Carter

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