When is enough enough in the #MeToo era?

Over the past year, the “Me Too” movement has motivated a mass of women to bring to light their sexual harassment stories.

Many celebrities have come out and spoken of events they experienced while trying to move up in the world, becoming victims to their superiors.

Some of the alleged attacks happened over 30 years ago, which makes me wonder where the statute of limitations draws the line.

Recently, there was a hearing for Brett Kavanaugh on whether or not he should be nominated as a justice for the United States Supreme Court.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wrote a letter to California Senator Dianne Feinstein on July 30 stating Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her.

In the letter, Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, which took place 36 years ago when he was 17 years old and she was 15 years old.

She claimed the assault happened at a party across town from where Kavanaugh then resided.

Instead of immediately calling attention to the letter and sorting out the conflict, Feinstein decided to hold onto the information until September, which caused a major delay in the Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.

In her testimony, Ford claims to remember specific details of her attack, such as the two attackers laughing at and groping her, but cannot remember who drove her home from the party.

If Ford can remember such intricate details about her assault, why can she not remember who took her home?

Leland Ingham Keyser, a friend of Ford’s who she claims to have accompanied her to the party, publicly stated she never attended such a party.

Mark Judge, a good friend and former classmate of Kavanaugh, was also said by Ford to have been at the party. But in response he did not wish to be involved in the matter, citing his struggles with alcohol abuse and recovery from cancer in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

By calling upon potential witnesses who wish to not be involved in the matter, Ford and Feinstein pushed this event to its limit.

Because this so-called assault happened over 30 years ago, the statute of limitations should state that it may no longer be testified in court. In other words, Ford should have brought this up a long time ago.

I am not saying she was never assaulted because I do think she was assaulted, just not by Kavanaugh, who claims he never stepped foot into that party.

The amount of trauma Kavanaugh’s two young daughters had to endure has affected them in many ways. Having to watch your father emotionally back his innocence on national television must be agonizing, since children usually look up to their fathers as their strong heroes, not men who are humiliated on live television.

This case is remarkably similar to that of the 1991 incident involving Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, who was nominated to be a Supreme Court justice. Hill, who had previously been employed by Thomas, claimed he referred to her with inappropriate sexual comments while she worked for him.

History seems to be repeating itself with this recent incident. Hill and Ford are similar in many ways, and sharing an experience such as this makes their similarities even more apparent.

For instance, both women at first opted to have their accusations stay anonymous, but they were eventually almost forced to attach their names to their stories. The media has played a large role in both instances, and it has pushed the women to share their stories, in negative and positive ways.

I am personally not a feminist, but I am a woman that advocates for women’s rights. Feminists strive for the complete equality of both sexes, but I do not think men and women will ever be 100% equal because our bodies are made differently and created to do different things.

If feminists are so focused on advocating for “equal rights” for both genders, why do they keep belittling men? I thought equal rights meant each gender had the same rights, but maybe I’m wrong.

From false allegations to advantageous nomination delays, this case has been one for the books. This trial will go down in history as one which has hurt many people and been a benefit to no one. All I have to say is, why?

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