New coach begins winter season

Boys basketball will play upcoming season under

direction of Jake Oliver

photo Maddi Morris
Coach Oliver

Last year, students at Godwin said goodbye to long-time bas­ketball coach, Hunter Thomas. This year, Godwin welcomes Jake Oliver, the new boys’ bas­ketball coach.

Although it is Oliver’s first year as Godwin’s head bas­ketball coach, he has previous experience in coaching bas­ketball. For the past six years, Oliver has held the position of head varsity basketball coach at Meadowbrook High School in Chesterfield County.

Oliver works at Godwin as an Exceptional Education teacher. Through his teaching, he is able to make connections to his coaching position.

“I believe the best coaches are teachers. The best coaches are ones that have an under­standing of the game and can teach the players, not just plays, but how to play,” said Oliver.

For Oliver, the best part about coaching basketball is teaching certain skills to the players that will be carried forward, not just on the court, but into life after graduation. Having played bas­ketball as a high school student himself, Oliver was influenced by his coach, and carries much of what he learned then with him today.

“He encouraged me to pursue a career in teaching and coach­ing,” said Oliver. “I learned from him how to build relationships with players and coaches, the importance of organization and how to run a program that em­phasizes character over cham­pionships.”

Oliver has already observed the basketball team’s great po­tential and expects success from the team this year.

“We have the potential to be a good basketball team,” said Oliver.

“If we can put the needs of the team ahead of individual needs and come to practice with the goal to get better every day, the sky is the limit with this group.”

Oliver also believes that a good team is made with the help of good defense.

“It starts and ends with how we play defense. We have talented players that can score the basketball, but so do a lot of other teams. Teams that are the most successful take pride in their defense and want to lock down their opponents every night,” said Oliver.

Oliver’s dedication as a coach is recognized by his play­ers. Senior Tyshaun Jackson and sophomore Jack Seiden­berg are players on Oliver’s team that have already noticed his positive impact.

“His hard work during work­outs transfers over to the play­ers and makes them want to work harder than usual,” said Jackson.

photo Ava MacBlane
Coach Jake Oliver (center) insctructing players during tryouts. Oliver has been the head coach at Meadowbrook High School for the past six years

“Coach Oliver will contribute a very positive presence to the team this year. He will help the team improve their chemistry during the season by directing plays and strategizing defenses since there will be so many tal­ented players on the floor that can bring many great things to the table,” said Seidenberg.

With Oliver’s leadership, the players expect that Godwin’s basketball team will thrive in the years to come.

“I would like for my players to get better each day as basketball players and young men, both on and off the court. If we as a group work together and strive each and every day to do that, then it will be a successful season,” said Oliver.

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