Eyrie News Brief – Nov., 2018

Eagle News

Godwin Raises Awareness for Red Ribbon Week

Back in 1988, the National Family Partnership (NFP) sponsored the first ever National Red Ribbon Week. Now, it is a week for parents and youth to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs, and to promote participation in drug-prevention activities.

This year, Godwin released several videos with the intention of helping parents and students understand methods on how to prevent the ill-effects of drug use.

“Red Ribbon Week is another way for us to continue the conversation that we have going on all throughout the year about the dangers and risks of substance use. The Heroin Task Force videos showed how substance abuse has affected the Henrico community,” said God­win Principal Leigh Dunavant.


Godwin wins division in back-to-back competitions

Godwin’s marching band won first place at their division at their two most recent competitions. The first competition was held at Powhatan High School, and the second at Darling Municipal High School.

Marching band instructor Vernon Auman said, “I wasn’t surprised – the team has had so much success recently – because of the students’ work ethic and de­sire to perform at a high level.”



Local News

First-time nominee Abigail Spanberger wins close election against incumbent Dave Brat

In this year’s election for the United States House of Representatives of Virginia’s 7th District, Democrat Ab­igail Spanberger narrowly beat Republican Dave Brat.

The 7th District encompasses most of the Richmond suburbs as well as some rural areas, and it has gener­ally been a conservative district.

Spanberger became the first ever woman to be elected to the House from the Virginia’s 7th District. She has a strong background in dealing with interna­tional terrorism, especially overseas through her work with the CIA.

The 2018 midterm election was the first time Span­berger has worked as a government official. Prior to, Spanberger worked for EAB – Royall & Company working with universities to help diversify their student bodies.

Her husband, Andrew Spanberger, graduated from Godwin in 2001. He was a captain on the volleyball team, as well as being involved in theatre and Key Club

The election for Senator in Virginia had a much wider margin between the two candidates. The Democratic incumbent Tim Kaine defeated Republican candidate Corey Stewart by over 15 percentage points (compared to the 1 percent margin between Spanberger and Brat).



National News

Dead pimp wins in midterm elections

On Tues., Nov. 6, Republican Dennis Hof was elected to the 36th Assembly District. However, weeks prior to the election, Hof was found dead in his brothel in Crystal, Nev. Hof had been celebrating his 72nd birthday.

Despite this, Hof beat his opponent by 36 points.

Nevada has a process set in place for when some­one gets elected posthumously.

Instead of electing the candidate with the second highest amount of votes, Hof’s position will be filled by someone else in his political party.


12 killed in California shooting

Late at night on Wed., Nov. 8, 12 people were killed in a mass shooting at a dance hall in Thousand Oaks, Cal.

The dance hall was holding its Western Night, an event popular with college students in the area, when the gunman opened fire in the dimly lit area.

The gunman, a military veteran, was reported to have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disor­der. He had attempted to seek help, but had not been identified as a threat to himself or others.

This shooting draws parallels to the Las Vegas shooting just one year prior, as some of the survivors of the Las Vegas shooting were also present at the event.

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