Former Most Valuable Eagles

Personal. Respect. Integrity. Dedication. Excellence.

What makes an MVE?

In 1987, when former Godwin principal Tom DeBolt came up with the idea for the Most Valuable Eagle, he imagined the MVE as a student who...

•        Values education highly

•        Strives daily to reach his or her potential

•        Sets goals and works to accomplish them

•        Makes contributions to a variety of school activities

•        Exhibits character, integrity, and loyalty

•        Has an optimistic outlook

•        Recognizes teachers and peers as valuable

•        Takes pride in his or her accomplishments

•        Celebrates the accomplishments of others



Characteristics MVEs share, according to Godwin principal Leigh Dunavant; 

•        Friend to everyone

•        Love Godwin

•        Quiet leaders

•        Not always in the limelight

•        Genuinely care for other Eagles








A touch of class

The Adolf family of Adolf Jewelers and Lustre by Adolf donates a watch to MVE winners. To the right is the watch of 2017-18 winner

Emma Ford.










Past Most Valuable Eagles

Jason Lerner 87-88

Brian Rollison 88-89

Catherine Bagwell 89-90

Beverly Tyler 90-91

Rebecca McCormack 91-92

Sang Ahn 92-93

Katherine Hicks 93-94

Kate Whitaker 94-95

Gregory  Tigani 95-96

Hailey Wu 96-97

Eric Bland 97-98

Sonya Chung 98-99

Yvonne Mowery 99-00

Teddy Reed 00-01

Unwanaobong Nseyo 01-02

Walker Williams 02-03

Jay Serpe 03-04

Nataliya Vaynblat 04-05

Trevor Corbin 05-06

Anne-Marie Gordon 06-07

Luke Gergoudis 07-08

David Caravati 09-10

E. Chase Bleyl 10-11

Laura Dekontee Freeman 11-12

Andrew T. Macht 12-13

Andrew O’Sullivan 13-14

Maria Gergoudis 14-15

Liam Spiers 15-16

Wesley Dugger 16-17

Emma Ford 17-18

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