Photo Asha Hayes                                    Repaving the areas of the parking lot was supposed to happen earlier this year, but due to all of the rain, it had to be postponed until the last few weeks of August.

This summer, Godwin underwent its annual renovations.
Major areas of the school such as the commons, library, and auditorium were the main focuses of the remodeling.

The commons and the library received new tiles in the ceilings and the wood paneling was painted white in order to brighten the room.

LED lights were installed in both areas and some classrooms to augment the brighter feel and to help compensate for the lack of windows.

Those lights are now connected to motion sensors and are overall more cost-effective.
“The LED lights are a more efficient method of lighting. The lights are also better for the environment,” said Dunavant.

Both the library was re-carpeted and the carpeting outside the auditorium was torn up and replaced with new tiling.

Other renovations to the library began last school year with the addition of new technologies.

“We have put a lot of money into the idea of remodeling the library to make it look more 21st century as we have already placed new technologies such as the Bright Board and the green screen. We want
our library to be on top of the new technological changes going on in our society.” said Dunavant.

During the summer, the interior was not the only aspect of Godwin touched up.  After heavy rain initially delaying the project, the parking lot has finally been paved.

New changes have also been made to the schedule of the school week. The faculty has decided to end homeroom DEAR.

This school year, students will be seeing new faces around the hallways. 15 new teachers have joined the Godwin nest.

“We are excited to have new folks in the building this year. It is always good to have new and fresh ideas, and it is great to have the energy and excitement that new folks bring!” said Dunavant.

Throughout the year, new and improved quality water fountains will be installed in the commons, main hallway, and gym hallway.

Fortunately for the school, all of this was made possible due to tax money. Every time community members eat at a restaurant in Henrico, part of the tax money from that meal goes to schools for renovations. The tax money will also be used to renovate Godwin’s Axselle Stadium with turf for the 2019-2020 school year.

Another change regarding the schedule is that the pep rally, usually held on the first Friday of the school
year, was held on the first day.

According to Dunavant, the change was made in order to make the first day more exciting for the faculty, staff, and students, and to ignite school spirit and a sense of community.

The changes at Godwin are also ongoing as more areas are being painted, and new suggestions are being made.

“We are exploring a number of other projects. If students have
suggestions, I am all ears,” said Dunavant.


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